Health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory

If you live or work in Switzerland, you have to take out basic health insurance approved in accordance with the Health Insurance Law.

We highly recommend that you take out insurance as soon as possible as medical and hospital costs in Switzerland are very high !!!

Proof of registration

The cantonal authority will require a copy of your insurance policy or your European Health Insurance Card. They will automatically register anyone required to take out insurance who fails to comply with this obligation in good time and they will choose the health insurance fund on your behalf.

Registration deadline

PhD, Post-doc and employees

It is mandatory to take out health insurance from the moment you take up residence (or give birth to a child) in Switzerland. (See chapter 3 of “Loi fédérale sur l’assurance-maladie”).

In case of delay, the insurance and the payment of premiums will be backdated to the first day in Switzerland and penalties will be given according to the insurer conditions. (See chapter 5 of “Loi fédérale sur l’assurance-maladie”)

Non-european students

It is mandatory to take out health insurance within three months of the date you take up residence.

The insurance will not be backdated to the first day in Switzerland but it is necessary to have a foreign insurance which covers the costs in Switzerland during those 3 months (this insurance must cover over 300’000.- Euros)

European students

There is no need to take out a swiss insurance, please read our page Health insurance exemption.

Additional information