Master excellence fellowships

In order to reward the most outstanding students who are beginning their Master’s studies, EPFL offers a limited number of excellence fellowships, along with guaranteed housing, to candidates who have achieved remarkable academic results and who distinguish themselves in extracurricular activities, whether sporting, artistic, civic, or entrepreneurial.

Excellence and diversity

These fellowships, worth CHF 10,000 per semester, are available to students who have obtained their Bachelor’s degree at EPFL, as well as to those who have begun their university studies at another institution. Their objective is to allow students to concentrate on their Master’s studies while also having the opportunity to undertake various activities likely to enrich their professional background and to develop cross-disciplinary skills. Thanks to this financial support, the School also hopes to widen their perspectives by allowing them to choose their internships and first work experiences according to their scientific interest and ambitions.

Kathryn Hess Bellwald

Having such outstanding students from all backgrounds on our campus contributes to its attractiveness and vibrancy.

Kathryn Hess Bellwald, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Outreach

Application and fellowship renewal

In order to be eligible for this fellowship, interested students must check the corresponding box on their Master’s application form and provide the requested application file. Internal candidates wishing to continue in the same field of study submit the application directly to their section.

While the academic background is a crucial point in the evaluation of applications, EPFL also takes into consideration the candidates’ experiences in various areas such as research (publications, prizes or fellowships), entrepreneurship (patent applications, start-up creation), or societal commitment (associative or civic activities, organization of festivals and events). Therefore, all outstanding achievements enriching the students’ profile will be taken into account.

In order for the fellowship to be renewed for the second year of the Master’s degree, students must have obtained at least 50 ECTS credits and have an overall average of 5,0/6.


The Master Excellence Fellowships are part of the “Attract Talent” pillar of the Student Support Program, a philanthropic program that supports the educational journey of students. We would like to warmly thank the Basil Panzer Trust, Dr Liu Shaoming, the Fondation Domaine de Villette, the Fondation Léonard Gianadda Mécénat, FAMSA Foundation, Alan Howard, Anne-Sylvie Visseur Vauclair, Novartis, Squarepoint Foundation as well as all donors who wish to remain anonymous, for their support to our students.

Choosing a Master’s study program

Master’s programs

EPFL offers 29 Master’s programs. The programs are distributed among the five faculties and two colleges that make up the School.

Double degrees, joint Master’s and 1:1 Master’s

EPFL, via strategic alliances with certain international academic partners, offers students with outstanding academic records the opportunity to follow a double degree or a joint degree program.

Research internships

EPFL offers research internships in cutting-edge laboratories to highly qualified students from the program’s partner institutions who are looking for a stimulating and supervised practical experience at a leading university.