Computer Science

Ubiquitous Computing

The Master’s Program in Computer Science offers a unique choice of courses that covers all aspects of the discipline, ranging from advanced digital technologies to distributed information systems and security. It also includes emerging disciplines such as biocomputing and service science.

Our school has recruited several world-class professors performing cutting-edge research at the core of Computer Science, offering students one of the best Computer Science curriculum in Europe.

Program’s Objectives

This program will train excellent scientists who will become top professionals in their own specific domain and drive industrial, scientific, and market innovation. Graduates will lead research and development teams in industry, which critically depends on information technology. Strong reasoning skills wll be developed to make successful decisions in key management and marketing positions.

Our graduates traditionally enjoy a very wide range of employment opportunities: from the banking industry to companies developing software and hardware, from consulting to all areas of human endeavor where information technology is a critical component. Employers include large global corporations as well as small companies and international and local start-ups. The Master also paves the way for a research career at EPFL or in any top university or research center in the world.

Simplified study plan


Please note that the information regarding the programs’ structure as well as the simplified study plan may be subject to change and that these are no legally binding. Only the official regulations and study plans are binding.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must have a certificate of Bachelor in Computer Science from a recognized university , with excellent academic records. A Bachelor title in Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering or related field may be accepted with complementary credits to fill any gaps.

Teaching Language: English


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