Financial Engineering

Finance and innovation.

Over the past decade, the financial industry has become increasingly complex and volatile. Specialists with a solid analytical background are urgently needed to understand past developments and to drive financial innovation forward.

The events of the last few years have exposed new needs in risk measurement and management, derivatives pricing and hedging, portfolio management, model validation and corporate finance.

Program’s objectives

The Master’s program in Financial Engineering (MFE) provides financial education at the forefront of both academic thinking and industry practice and is the result of a multidisciplinary effort involving the Swiss Finance Institute at EPFL, the College of management of technology, and faculty members from mathematics, statistics, computer science, operations research and communications. The curriculum of the MFE is broad but also specific because it offers an extensive range of electives so students can tailor-make the program to correspond to their career goals.

MFE graduates have the perfect profile to start a career in a bank, a hedge fund, a rating or consulting company, an insurance company, a commodity trading firm, or an asset management company. The unique combination of knowledge in economics, finance, and artificial intelligence provided by the MFE also makes them attractive candidates for a broad range of hightech companies and startups. They will be able to apply their knowledge of cutting-edge techniques and practical know-how to arrive at well-balanced, sound, and socially responsible financial decisions. For students interested in an academic career, the MFE is also an ideal stepping stone to join a toplevel Ph.D. program in finance.

Simplified study plan

Please note that the information regarding programs’ structure as well as the simplified study plans may be subject to change and that they are not legally binding. Only the official regulations and study plans are binding.

Admission criteria

  • Holders of a Bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline such as mathematics, physics, engineering or economics are eligible to apply for admission into the MFE
  • Students should have exceptional analytical skills as well as a strong interest in finance. They should also have a solid background in mathematical analysis, statistics and probability theory
  • Applicants should command either one formal computer language such as C, C++ or Python, or a high-level language such as Matlab or Mathematica

Further information about admission criteria

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Diploma and title obtained

Upon completion of their Master’s curricula, students obtain an EPFL Master of Science MSc in Financial Engineering. The diploma also gives graduates the right to use the title of EPF qualified Engineer.

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