Molecular and Biological Chemistry

Modern science is continuously leaning towards chemistry. In life sciences, materials or environment, researchers realize that pertinent answers are hidden at the molecular scale.

From molecules to life: key activities spread across the chiral synthesis of molecules with biological interests, elucidation of biological mechanisms, molecular conversion of energy, catalytic processes, biosensors and development of new analytical tools.

In the heart of this process, chemistry at EPFL benefits from an international environment with more than 70% of research fellows from abroad.

Program’s objectives

The Master in Molecular and Biological Chemistry is a research program with a strong focus on practice in laboratory.

Students also follow advanced courses in current research domains such as analytics, target synthesis, biological chemistry or computational chemistry.

This program prepares the students for a career in research, combining theoretical understanding of the molecular world and hands-on experience in laboratories.

Simplified study plan

Please note that the information regarding programs’ structure as well as the simplified study plans may be subject to change and that they are not legally binding. Only the official regulations and study plans are binding.

Admission criteria

EPFL Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, or from another institution with an excellent academic record.

Further information about admission criteria

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Diploma and title obtained

Upon completion of their Master’s curricula, students obtain an EPFL Master of Science MSc in Molecular and Biological Chemistry. The diploma also gives graduates the right to use the title of EPF qualified Chemist.

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