Data is the new oil: Statisticians and data analysts are sought-after and valued in every domain of industry, economics, finance, government, science, and in the health and social sciences.

Program’s objectives

This Master’s program trains students in statistical thinking, methods, visualization and computation, and in their application in data analysis. It is intended for students with strong mathematical and computational skills and a scientific or engineering background who want to give themselves crucial skills for sound reasoning in a data-flooded world.

The courses provide a combination of a theoretical background, experience with cutting-edge computational techniques, practical team-working and communication skills that will make graduates valued collaborators in any data-rich environment. Their imagination and personal interests will define how the skills obtained during their studies can be applied on whatever path they choose later.

Simplified study plan

Please note that the information regarding programs’ structure as well as the simplified study plans may be subject to change and that they are not legally binding. Only the official regulations and study plans are binding.

Admission criteria

EPFL Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, or from another institution with an excellent academic record.

A Bachelor’s degree in Physics or in a field related to mathematics with an excellent academic record may also be accepted. Candidates from engineering and similar backgrounds should have a minimum GPA of 4.5, with particularly strong grades in their mathematics and statistics courses. Strong computational abilities are also desirable. In all cases, additional credits to fill any gaps may be required.

Further information about admission criteria

Teaching language

English, with a few optional courses in French.

Diploma and title obtained

Upon completion of their Master’s curricula, students obtain an EPFL Master of Science MSc in Statistics. The diploma also gives graduates the right to use the title of EPF qualified Statistician.

Online application


To learn more about this program, please use the following contacts:

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0041 21 693 73 63

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