Double Degree TUM-EPFL | Applied Mathematics

This Dual Degree Program is a dual curriculum over a 3-year period that enables students in mathematics at TUM and students in applied mathematics at EPFL to earn both degrees.

This program is open to EPFL students in their last year of Bachelor or in the 1st year of Master in Applied Mathematics and TUM students in their last year of Bachelor or in the the 1st year of Master in Mathematics.

Upon admittance at the home institution according to a preselection process, the students may apply to the Double Degree Program. They have to prepare an additional application for the admissions committee of the host institution. Both institutions will call on their usual admission committee to make the selection. The student will have to be admitted by both institutions.

Departmental pre-check at TUM for EPFL students:

Nominated EPFL students for the Double Degree Program will prepare following documents for TUM Department of Mathematics prior to the submission of the application:

  • Transcripts
  • Bachelor diploma (if available)
  • CV
  • Language certificate (B2 in English, certificate from the Centre de langues at EPFL is accepted)

These documents must be sent to the Section of mathematics.

Deadlines for the departmental pre-check

  • March 28 for winter semester
  • October 28 for summer semester

Once the nominations have been approved by the Department of Mathematics, candidates will be provided a letter of eligibility that will facilitate the application process.

Application at TUM for EPFL students:

After the pre-check, candidates have to submit following documents together with the application to the office of application and enrollment:

  • Letter of eligibility (see above)
  • Printed online application form (with signature)
  • Copy of passport
  • Language certificate (B2 either in German or in English, certificates from the Centre de langues at EPFL are accepted)
  • CV
  • Transcripts of records
  • Bachelor diploma (if not already issued, can be submitted later)
  • Health insurance

Application deadline:

  • 31 May for winter semester
  • 30 November for summer semester

Application guide for double degree students in mathematics (TUMonline)

This program is composed by 180 ECTS distributed as follow:

  • 120 ECTS courses, seminar at TUM, semester project at EPFL (min. 50 ECTS at TUM and min. 50 ECTS at EPFL)
  • 30 ECTS as industrial internship (4 to 6 months, just before the master’s thesis)
  • 30 ECTS as master’s thesis (one supervisor from each institution)

The master’s thesis cannot be started until all 150 ECTS are earned (exception for up to 8 ECTS missing). The Master’s thesis supervisor and co-supervisor review the report and are present at the final presentation. The students have to pick two areas. One area accounts for at least 14 ECTS. The semester project at EPFL (9 ECTS) must be done within one of the areas.

Students are required to take SHS courses at EPFL and Soft Skills at TUM.

Language of instruction At EPFL:

English and/or French At TUM: German and/or English

The host university will provide the participant with a transcript of records at the end of the exchange period. Each university grants the student credit transfer from the other university according to their regulations.  After meeting the graduation requirements of both institutions, students will obtain two degrees, one from each institution:

  • Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from EPFL
  • Master of Science in Mathematics from TUM


Prof. Simone Deparis

Deputy Director of the Section of Mathematics

+41 21 693 25 47

[email protected]


Dr. René Brandenberg

Academic Advisor for International Relations

Zentrum Mathematik

+49 89 289 16878

[email protected]