Materials Science and Engineering

Mastering Matter

The Master in Materials Science and Engineering integrates fundamental knowledge of materials synthesis and processing, materials microstructure and materials properties of polymers, ceramics, metals and alloys, and composites.

This knowledge is then used to improve the performance of engineered products and to design unique new materials for next-generation applications, such as optical and electronic materials and biomaterials with emphasis on sustainable development.

Program’s Objectives

This Master’s program provides students with deep scientific and technical knowledge that will allow them to grasp the structure of matter down to the atomic scale. Students will understand the relationship between microstructure and the structural and functional properties of materials and master the design, transformation and fabrication of materials for cutting-edge technological applications.

A Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering is the gateway to a career in a wide variety of industries ranging from the production of materials to the manufacturing of finished products such as watches, sports equipment, aeronautics, foods, metallurgy, automobiles, electronics and multimedia.

It also provides ideal training for the innovative application of advanced materials in areas such as bio- and nanotechnology as well as a strong foundation for those who wish to pursue a PhD degree in Materials Science or a related field.

Simplified study plan


Please note that the information regarding the programs’ structure as well as the simplified study plan may be subject to change and that these are no legally binding. Only the official regulations and study plans are binding.

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have a Bachelor ‘s degree in Materials Science from a reputable university, with excellent academic records. Bachelor’s degrees in Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Life Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Microengineering or other related fields can be considered to the extent that the applicant can demonstrate skills in Materials Science.

Additional credits, to fill any gaps, may be required.

Teaching Language: English, some optional courses in French.


Online application



In case of specific questions about this program, please contact the Materials Science and Engineering Section:

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