EPFL's Master degree in architecture perpetuates the tradition of polytechnic training for design and practising architects with a solid theoretical background.

The project at the architectural, urban and territorial scale, feeds, as the central discipline, on contributions from theory and history, sociology and economy, construction, study of structures, applied physics in building, visual arts and diverse forms of illustration and modelling.

The multidisciplinary character of the training incorporates humanistic, structural and technical aspects through close collaboration with sister programs within our School: civil engineering, and environmental sciences and engineering.

Program’s Objectives

A solid and methodical theoretical, scientific and applied training at the bachelor level, is followed at the time of specialisation by an in-depth approach to questions linked to issues currently at stake: preservation of the environment, promotion of sustainable development, energy-wise optimisation of constructions, use of new materials, need to keep under control production costs, anticipation of the socio-economic impact of decisions taken during planning…

Moreover, architecture students at EPFL enjoy exceptional logistical and tutoring conditions: an individual workspace in the workshops; an IT infrastructure which includes computers and a plotter room; a modelling workshop equipped with several machines; a library with free access to all collections, and last but not least the necessary support and advisory staff.

Study plan


Teaching Language: French

Please note that the information regarding the programs’ structure as well as details of the study plan may be subject to change.

Entry Requirements
  • Bachelor in Architecture
  • Practical experience of 12 months, of which 6 consecutive months at least in the same architecture unit: for HES candidates internships done prior the beginning of the course and before the end of the bachelor curriculum are not validated. For other candidates, only the internships done starting from the end of a successful second year of a bachelor curriculum are validated;
  • Excellent knowledge of French (a C1 certificate is required for non French-speaking foreign candidates);
  • A portfolio (A4 size) presenting several projects made by the candidate in the course of his/her studies or practice;
  • Please note that candidates who already have a diploma in architecture equivalent to the EPFL Master Degree will not be admitted.

Online application

Program’s Structure

You will find the complete curriculum, a list and description of courses, as well as further info about the offered Minors on the Architecture section’s specific pages.


In case of specific questions about this program, please contact the Architecture Section:

[email protected]

+41 (0)21 693 32 11


According to the 2005/36/CE article written by the European commission, the EPFL Master’s degree in architecture is recognized by the European Union. It means that the holders of this degree can directly access this profession in all countries of EU and EFTA.