Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Connecting knowledge

To meet today's business challenges successfully, professionals must be able to bridge the worlds of technology and management, understand the functions of modern business organizations in a holistic manner, manage a variety of internal processes and engage with external stakeholders.

Program’s Objectives

The Master in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship is a new and exciting curriculum for scientists and engineers. This unique program in Europe provides fundamental training in strategy, finance, accounting, human resource management and economics. Furthermore, students can choose to specialize either in Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, in Operations Management & Systems Modeling or in Business Analytics.

Students round-off their education with a Minor in a specific technical discipline, as well as with elective courses according to their preferences and specific future employment goals.

The Master of Science in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship will bridge the worlds of technology and business. Graduates will have a unique and highly marketable profile that will prepare them for careers in various kinds of organizations from small technology start-ups to large established companies, consulting firms or public organizations in the fields of Production and Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics, Project Management or Innovation Management.

Study plan


Teaching Language: English

Please note that the information regarding the programs’ structure as well as details of the study plan may be subject to change.

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or natural sciences from a reputable university with excellent academic records.

Online application

More info

You will find the complete curriculum, a list and description of courses, and further info regarding the choice of Orientation and Minor on the program’s specific pages.


In case of specific questions about this program, please contact the Management of Technology Institute:

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