Rebounding after a failure

Failure. A word that often resonates with disappointment, discouragement, and sometimes even despair.

Yet, at the core of every failure lies a remarkable opportunity: the chance to bounce back, to reinvent oneself, and to rise even higher than ever before.

What happened?

Failure, just like abandoning one’s studies, is rarely the result of a single cause but the accumulation of several.

Internal factors:

  • educational project not properly thought out, hesitation between several study choices
  • lack of commitment and motivation, lack of maturity, low inclination for effort, lack of self-confidence, fear of exams
  • problems in learning how to be a student
  • insufficient intellectual skills: school baggage, prerequisites, working methods (taking notes, listening, memorising, exam preparation)
  • inadequate personal skills: time management, concentration, emotional control
  • cultural or geographical gap
  • personal or financial problems

External factors:

  • study year, study Programme
  • studying conditions, supervision by the professors or assistants
  • relevance of study plans, overloaded study programmes, ambiguous requirements by the professors
  • exam selectiveness

What’s the feeling?

A failure:

  • is a painful experience
  • touches one’s self-esteem and invites judgment by others
  • is painful in a social context of performance, professional success and profitability
  • leaves one feeling surprised, helpless, shocked, sad or panic-stricken
  • leads to demotivation, loss of self-confidence, questioning one’s abilities
  • is a situation where it is difficult to take stock
  • may leave one unable to look for the necessary help or information
  • causes a questioning of one’s choice of education, obliges one to let go of a professional and personal project

Rediscovering meaning and glimpsing possibilities

To move forward, oneneed to rediscover meaning and glimpse the possibilites. To do this, it is essential to :

  1. manage your stress
  2. strengthen your self-esteem
  3. develop your resources
  4. readjust your goals
  5. define an action plan
  6. embrace change with confidence

If you would like some help in clarifying your situation and/or getting started, please do not hesitate to contact the social consultation.


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