Requirements for passing

These pages are about the requirements for passing the various cycles that make up the Bachelor’s and Master’s study programs at EPFL. They are published for informative purposes. Only the legal texts, available on the Polylex website, are binding.

For the rules for withdrawing from subjects and tests and the academic consequences of a missed test, please consult the page Withdrawing from subjects and tests and missing tests. For special arrangements during tests (e.g., extra time) please consult the SAE website. For advice or support before the exams of after a failure, please make an appointment with a specialist through the Student Services Desk. For an interruption of your studies during one semester or more, please consult the page Interruption of studies.

Information regarding the calculation of averages is available on the page dedicated to grade sheets and transcripts.

The structure and unfolding of studies at EPFL can lead to semesters with a complete leave of absence or part-time studies independently from the students’ own decision. Should it be necessary to make this known to an external body (e.g., for the renewal of a visa, residence permit, or scholarship), this generic certificate (in French) may be used.

Covid-19: special conditions during the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters

Mitigation measures were taken by EPFL during the covid-19 pandemic in order to reduce the impact of the health crisis on our students’ academic progression. These measures were mainly devised to reduce student failures during the autumn 2020 and spring 2021 semesters. The entire set of measures is detailed in the following two directives: