Matriculation for a Bachelor’s program or the CMS

Please note the additional date and change of location due to the health situation. Students are asked to register for a specific time slot (access only for students invited to matriculation days) and required to come for matriculation in that time slot only.

For Swiss maturités/Maturitäten (federal, cantonal, professional, and specialised), the procedure is done via registered mail. It is therefore not necessary to come to matriculation days.

Place: CM building, room CM 1105, entrance at level 1 through gate CM 194.5

Dates: Thursday the 3rd, Friday the 4th, Monday the 7th, and Tuesday the 8th of September, 2020

Schedule: between 9 AM and 1 PM, based on your registration

Documents to bring with you:

  • original of the official transcripts for the school-leaving certificate (IB, A Levels, etc.)
  • original of the school-leaving certificate, if already in your possession
  • identification (ID card or passport)
  • legalised translations of all these documents if not in French, English, German, or Italian

Only the final transcripts must be provided, not intermediary ones (annual, semestral, trimestral, etc.).

Students who do not have their school-leaving certificate yet can bring it to the Registrar’s Office at a later stage. They must however still come to matriculation days, with all the other required documents.

If you are new to the Swiss higher-education system, a small yellow label with your Swiss student ID will also be placed on the back of your certificate.

No matriculation can take place without these documents!