Matriculation of new students

The process to matriculate at EPFL depends on the education that allowed your admission to CMS, a Bachelor’s program, or a Master’s program (including HES/FHS gateway). Please refer to the page below corresponding to your situation.

Admission to CMS or a Bachelor’s program:

Students accepted through the reduced entrance exam matriculate on the basis of the school-leaving certificate that granted them access to that exam. Students accepted through the complete entrance exam matriculate on the basis of the transcripts of the entrance exam, attending Matriculation Days according to these modalities.

Admission to a Master’s program (including HES/FHS gateway):

Students accepted to a Master’s program after completing a Bachelor’s degree or other Master’s degree at EPFL have no requirements to fulfill. If necessary, their re-matriculation is automatic. This does not apply to exchange students at EPFL and those who left the school prior to the completion of their degree (dropping out or failure).