Locker Reservation

EPFL has a number of lockers for students. To use a locker you will first need to book it online. Please find below important information on how to proceed.

Bookings for the 2020-2021 academic year start on:

Monday 14 September 2020

  1. You will need a padlock to close your locker. If you do not securely padlock your locker, the administration reserves the right to release it for other students.
  2. To book a locker please log onto the following page using your GASPAR account (login and password):
  3. Access to the reservation service is only possible from the EPFL internet network. If you want to do this from home, you will need to use VPN.
  4. Any locker used without a prior reservation on the website will be emptied without notice.
  5. Warning: at the end of the academic year all students must release their locker. To do this, please cancel the booking on the website and empty your locker. You will receive an email to notify you when this has to be done.

For further information about lockers please contact [email protected]

If you want to access your locker outside working hours, you should not select a locker situated in a building which you cannot access without your CAMIPRO card.

All students currently have access to the CM, CE and CO buildings.