Certificates and certified copies

By default, the Registrar’s Office issues the following documents in electronic form, with the exception of certificates of equivalence and original documents to be legalized. They will be sent by email, with digitized stamp and signature, and a mention that the recipient can obtain a confirmation of the authenticity of the document by contacting the Student Services Desk at EPFL. Please do not ask for postal delivery unless that is explicitly required by the third party for whom the documents are intended.

The Registrar’s Office can provide, to EPFL students and former students, the following official documents:

  • certified copies of unique documents (transcripts, diplomas)
  • stamp needed for the legalization of unique documents (transcripts, diplomas)
  • certification of non-unique documents (grade sheets, matriculation and end-of-studies certificates, diploma supplements)
  • certificate of equivalence to the Master’s degree (for earlier EPFL diplomas)
  • other specific certificates related to studies at EPFL

Diploma legalization is handled by the Federal Chancellery.

Please consult the following pages to learn about the procedure to follow to obtain these various documents.