Individual support

You are facing difficulties and want to talk to someone about it. Do not hesitate to make an appointment.

Social consultation

You feel depressed, anxious, have problems related to your studies or finances, have other kinds of personal problems or need accommodation in your studies?

The social consultation offers support (advice, support, guidance) to students and PhD students. Our social workers are available for confidential and free individual interviews. To make an appointment please contact the Student Desk.

Some of the information is also available on our website.

Psychotherapeutic consultation

If you have psychic difficulties in connection with your studies or your daily life, do not hesitate to ask for temporary medical support.

  • stress difficulties
  • lack of motivation
  • anxiety problems
  • depression
  • tension or nervosity
  • mood swings
  • concentration difficulties
  • deterioration of academic results
  • feelings of confusion
  • food disorders
  • sexual difficulties
  • existential questions
  • interpersonal and relationship problems related to sentimental, family or social life
  • feelings of loneliness and isolation, integration difficulties
  • worries regarding the use of alcohol or other substances
  • concern for close friends or family