Equivalence to a Master’s degree

The former EPFL diploma is effectively equivalent to the current Master’s degree.

If need be, owners of such a diploma can obtain a certificate of equivalence from the Registrar’s Office. To that end, please complete the online form Commande d’équivalence Master (in French only) and pay the flat fee of Fr. 30.-. The certificate of equivalence is provided in both English and French.

We kindly draw your attention to the following rules from the Swiss University Conference:

  • The old and new titles may only be claimed in alternance. This means that you are not allowed to display both titles (diploma and Master’s degree) on the same document.
  • You may not attach the field of studies to the Master’s title. Indeed, the old titles, whilst equivalent in level of education, do not acknowledge the same learning assets as the new Master’s degrees.

The professional title of architect or engineer, in the field specified on the diploma, remains valid.