Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Through the Federal Commission for Scholarships, the Swiss government offers a limited number of grants to foreign students wishing to do part of their training at a Swiss university.

For information according to country, conditions and the application procedure, please see the web page of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation: Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars. Take note of the helpful application guidelines.

Are you thinking about applying for the scholarship?

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Information for applicants

Are you wondering about timing, how to find a supervisor and how this all works?

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Information for supervising professors and lab assistants

Are you wondering what being a supervisor and an hosting lab for this scholarship implies?

Who is doing what at EPFL ?

Education Outreach Department: EPFL Reception Service for Swiss excellence scholarships. In charge of all current affairs for scholarship holders.

Labs:  Responsible for the scholarship holder’s supervision and all practical aspects linked to their work place.

Delegate to the Federal Commission for Scholarships :  Prof. François Gallaire. As the responsible for academic questions, he provides assistance in case a student needs to change orientation or transfer to another laboratory or for issues between the scholarship holder and the supervisor.


EPFL Reception Service for Swiss excellence scholarships
Email: [email protected]

EPFL academic representative for the scholarship
François Gallaire
Email: [email protected]