Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Through the Federal Commission for Scholarships, the Swiss government offers a limited number of grants to foreign students (3rd cycle students: predoctoral (after MA) doctoral or postdoctoral research) wishing to do part of their training at a Swiss university.


The process is managed by the Confederation. All the information is available on their website.


One year in advance, i.e. between September and December (depends form the country) for the following academic year.


PhD Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships awarded to obtain an EPFL title, being below EPFL standards of remuneration for doctoral students, the thesis director will have to secure adequate funding to complete the candidate’s salary. Research and Postdoctoral Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships don’t need additional funding.

Once a year, generally in August, the SAE, the Research Office and EPFL’s delegate for FCS organise an information session for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship program.