EPFL interns’ testimonials

Xueyin Wen

Every day, I woke up excited to go to the lab.

Xueyin Wen, MIT

My experience in Switzerland has managed not just to meet, but to exceed, everything I had hoped for in a summer internship in Europe.

Upon arriving in the Neurodegenerative Studies Laboratory, I realized that I would be able to work on my own project with the mentorship of a postdoc supervisor (shout-out to Dr Pamela Valdes for all her expertise and patience!). Every day, I woke up excited to go to the lab to continue my work. […] It was like falling in love, only instead of writing letters, I wrote protocols, and instead of picking flowers, I picked colonies of E. coli.

So there it was, my summer experience in a nutshell. Or so I thought. And I would have been perfectly content with just that. What I did not expect, and was pleasantly surprised by, was how friendly and welcoming my lab mates were. […] There was a real sense of community. The diverse international representation within our lab – a reflection of EPFL as a whole – made our conversations all the more interesting.

Xueyin Wen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, intern in the Neurodegenerative Studies Laboratory

Gary Lee

One of the best research universities in Europe.

Gary Lee, Stanford University

Ever since I received my invitation letter to the internship at EPFL, I was excited for many reasons. For one, I have been looking forward to visiting EPFL, one of the best research universities in Europe, for years.

But apart from the academic and research reasons, it is also my first time visiting Switzerland and Europe.

Gary Lee, Stanford University, intern in the Biorobototics Laboratory

Barbara Lima

I gained both academic knowledge and knowledge about the world around me.

Barbara Lima, MIT

All in all I had a great time with MISTI Switzerland and the EPFL Research Internship Program, learning not only while I was in the lab, but also outside it. I ventured into an academic field that I had no previous experience with and a country I did not know well, and as a result I gained both academic knowledge and knowledge about the world around me and myself.

I hope to continue developing my knowledge and experience in the field of renewable energy and use all that I have learned to further improve myself and give back to society.

Barbara Lima, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, intern in the Photovoltaics and Thin Film Electronics Laboratory PV-LAB

Isabel Sible

Wow, what a privilege to work in a top lab.

Isabel Sible, UC Berkeley

[…] By the end of my time working in the lab, I have gained so many technical skills (in recording EEG), coding skills (MATLAB, Python), critical thinking skills (experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, machine learning techniques), and professional skills (project presentation, problem solving).

Isabel Sible, UC Berkeley, intern in the Laboratory of the Defitech Foundation Chair in Non-Invasive Brain-Machine Interface (CNBI)

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