Diploma from a Swiss University

This page is for students accepted to a Master’s program. Those accepted to a Bachelor’s program on the basis of a University education must check the relevant page.

For holders of a diploma from a Swiss University (Bachelor’s from a University or University of Applied Sciences, including ETH Zürich) accepted to Master’s program (including HES/FHS gateway), the student card is sent by postal mail at the end of the summer.

These students must not attend matriculation days. They receive an email during the summer to check their postal address before the cards are sent out.

Because the authentication of the awarded title is done by EPFL with the relevant authorities, they must also not send us the original of their school-leaving certificate or diploma nor transcripts by postal mail.

Document(s) to be submitted in advance (through the pre-requisite form) :

  • complete final Bachelor’s (or equivalent) transcript
  • required certificates (if applicable)

To receive the student card, you must have previously provided us with your complete final Bachelor’s transcripts. If the transcripts do not explicitly attest that you have been awarded the Bachelor’s degree, a supplementary document attesting this must also be provided (e.g., diploma, diploma supplement, or certificate).

For applicants who were accepted on the condition of an average grade of 4,50 or 5,00 or above at the Bachelor’s, a supplementary document attesting this average grade must also be provided (e.g., diploma, diploma supplement, or certificate) unless the average grade is shown on the transcripts.

Please also refer to your acceptance letter for possible specific requirements.

The final deadline to provide all the required documents is the 30th of September. No matriculation is possible after that date.