Certificates and certified copies Doctorate

Only for graduated Doctors from EPFL

Online Form

Certificates for PhD Students are available via their IS-Academia Portal, Personal Details Tab

The Doctoral Students’ Office can provide the following official documents:

  • Immatriculation start and stop certificate (0 CHF) ONLY FOR DOCTORAL STUDENTS THAT ARE NOT ENROLLED ANYMORE
  • Certified copy of Diploma (5 CHF)
  • Certified copy of Transcript of Doctoral School Credits (15 CHF)
  • Certificate of achievement of doctoral studies (30 CHF)
  • Certified copy of Record of the oral exam (without the examiner’s reports) (30 CHF)
  1. Fill in this online form
  2. Select the type of document you need
  3. Choose how to receive the documents: by email, registered mail or both
  4. According to the type of document, you will have to upload a good quality copy of your diploma
  5. Make your payment online (if applicable)

The documents will be sent at the latest 3 business days after we receive your payment.

  • EPFL is not a translation office so we are not authorized to provide any translation. The only exception is the English translation provided only once with the diploma.
  • Official documents are only provided in French and in English.

No specific certificate can be delivered on this topic.

  • At EPFL, French is the official language for legal texts and decisions.
  • Most doctoral courses are taught in English.
  • However, teaching languages vary greatly from one cursus to another.
  • The title and the course description indicate the Teaching language. 
  • If you need a certificate confirming the teaching languages, we recommend that you order the certificate of achievement of doctoral studies which contains the information above and a certified copy of  your transcript of doctoral school credits.

Diploma legalisation and verification