EDPO For Doctoral candidates

During your thesis at EPFL

Once you are accepted and duly registered, you can start your doctoral studies.

During your studies, you will have to accrue 12 credits (1 credit equals one hour course per week for a semester). A year after your registration, you should have accrued 4 credits and must write your research plan and take the candidacy exam (regulations). This important first step in your doctoral studies confirms that you are able to research, you have a clear vision of your thesis and you will be able to complete it within the set time.

In order to evaluate the progress of the thesis or the knowledge of the Doctoral candidate, the thesis director (and co-director if applicable) and the Doctoral candidate meet once a year to prepare an annual report.

The average length of a thesis in photonics at EFPL is 4 years. The PhD is concluded with a two steps examination: first a private oral exam with external experts; second a public defense for family and friends.

A PhD thesis is definitely a very exciting endeavor: you will be able to focus on a specific research topic, benefit from the outstanding EPFL infrastructure and meet colleagues from all around the world. Whilst you will probably work quite hard, you will also have a lot fun!

The doctoral program also organizes different events to strengthen the EPFL photonics community: photonics day, Pizza Optics and Beer, photonics BBQ, etc…