EDPO Mentoring

Mission and Organization


The mission of the EPFL-EDOC mentoring system is to:
  1. detect and help resolve advisor-PhD candidate issues
  2. monitor that adequate progress is made in the dissertation;
  3. detect possible health, personal, and other potential problems of the PhD candidate.
Given sufficient proximity to the student and his thesis director, the mentor should act to detect problematic situations and help identify the needs of the student and the most efficient solution.


Within the first months from the enrollment, the program director designates an indidual mentor for each PhD student. The mentors are part of the committee members of EDPO.
Action by doctoral student
  • Alerts the mentor when there is a problem and provides specifics on the problem.
  • Alerts the mentor if not satisfied with the progress or the direction of his work and does not manage to resolve the issue with his thesis director.
Action by mentor
  • Gets in touch at least once per year with the doctoral student and reads the annual report.