EDPO Annual report

During his doctoral thesis work, the doctoral candidate has the obligation to submit an annual report on the progress of his work to the thesis director.

The supervisor (and eventual co-adivsor) sign(s) this report. The supervisor notes his impression about the progress on the report and discusses with the student; in case of insufficient progress, the supervisor writes down clear corrective actions and the date by which they should be completed. The PhD student has also the ability to transmit confidentially to the programme director his concerns or problems by filling out the form included with the annual report. An EDPO programme committee member, usually the mentor, studies the report and informs the Program Director within one month (art. 10 al. 3 et al. 4 of the Ordinance on the doctorate at the EPFL). The PdD student submits his first annual report one year after his candidacy examen, then every 12 months.

The annual report must be signed by the PhD student and by his thesis surpervisor (and the eventual co-surpervisor). It is mandatory to use this template and to insert it as the first page. It must be sent in PDF only, duly completed and signed (one document only) by email to the administrative assistant programme.