EDCE – How to apply?

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FAQ Applicants

I would like to apply to the doctoral program. What is the process?

  • The process is described in details on the EDOC webpage https://www.epfl.ch/education/admission/phd-admission-criteria-and-application/
    Keep in mind that the committee evaluates only complete applications, this means with the recommendation letters from your three referees. If your application is not complete by the deadline, its evaluation will be postponed to the next deadline. Please do not send any documents by e-mail nor send messages to the Head of the Doctoral Program. 

         If you have questions: [email protected]

I have not already contacted a potential thesis director. Can I apply to the program?

  • Yes. It may be useful though to mention in your application the potential thesis director conducting research relevant to your interests. The EDCE webpage provides a list of affiliated laboratories and reseach expertise.

I have a job offer from a laboratory at EPFL. Do I need to apply to the doctoral program?

  • Yes. It is necessary to be admitted to the doctoral program in order to be hired as a PhD student. Keep in mind that your application may be rejected, which will not allow you to be hired as a PhD student.

Are the TOEFL and GRE certificates mandatory?

  • They are not obligatory, but you must be aware that all courses are held in English and that a good level of English is required for your thesis work.

I have received an e-mail mentioning that I fulfil the requirements of eligibility. What do I have to do now?

  • Once you have received an e-mail mentioning that you are eligible, you have 12 months from the date of your application deadline to find a thesis director and a research assistantship in a laboratory. Your admission becomes definitive once you have found the thesis director as well as a research assistantship position.

I’m admissible with a 4-year bachelor degree, will there be exra courses?

Yes, we ask for 8 extra credits, resulting in 20 total credits throughout the PhD. Of the extra credits, 4 have to be taken the first year (in addition to the 4 credits required by EDOC).