EDCE Affiliated labs and Research expertise

D. Licina – HOBEL

Civil Engineering

Prof. Andrew SONTACivil Engineering and Technology for Human Oriented Sustainability – ETHOS
Prof. Anastasios VASSILOPOULOSComposite Construction Laboratory – CCLAB
Prof. Jean-François MOLINARIComputational Solid Mechanics Laboratory – LSMS
Prof. David RUGGIEROConcrete Behaviour and Structural Design Laboratory – CONCRETE
Prof. Katrin BEYEREarthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics Laboratory – EESD
Prof. Christophe ANCEYEnvironmental Hydraulics Laboratory – LHE
Prof. Brice LECAMPIONGeo-energy Laboratory – Gaznat Chair on Geo-energy – GEL
Prof. Dusan LICINAHuman-Oriented Built Environment Lab – HOBEL
Prof. Paolo PERONAHydraulic Constructions platform – LCH
Prof. Olga FINKIntelligent Maintenance and Operations Systems
Prof. Kenan ZHANGLaboratory for Human-Oriented Mobility Eco-system – HOMES
Prof. Yves WEINANDLaboratory for Timber Constructions – IBOIS
Prof. Marie VIOLAYLaboratory of Experimental Rock Mechanics – LEMR
Prof. Dimitrios LIGNOSResilient Steel Structures Laboratory – RESSLab
Prof. Alain NUSSBAUMERResilient Steel Structures Laboratory – RESSLab
Prof. Lyesse LALOUISoil Mechanics Laboratory – Chair “gaz naturel” Petrosvibri – LMS
Dr. Emmanuel DENARIÉStructural Maintenance and Safety Laboratory – MCS
Prof. Dolaana KHOVALYGLaboratory of Integrated Comfort Engineering – TEBEL
Prof. Michel BIERLAIRETransportation and Mobility Laboratory – TRANSP-OR
Prof. Nikolaos GEROLIMINISUrban Transport Systems Laboratory – LUTS
Prof. Alexandre ALAHIVisual lntelligence for Transportation – VITA

Environmental Engineering

Prof. Alcherio MARTINOLIDistributed Intelligent Systems and Algorithms Laboratory – DISAL
Prof. Tamar KOHNEnvironmental Chemistry Laboratory – LCE
Prof. Devis TUIAEnvironmental Computational Science and Earth Observation Laboratory – ECEO
Prof. Rizlan BERNIER-LATMANIEnvironmental Microbiology Laboratory – EML
Prof. Alexis BERNEEnvironmental Remote Sensing Laboratory – LTE
Prof. Julia SCHMALEExtreme Environments Research Laboratory – Ingvar Kamprad chair – EERL
Dr. Jan SKALOUDGeodetic Engineering Laboratory – TOPO
Dr. Stéphane JOOSTGeographic Information Systems Laboratory – LASIG
Prof. Anders MEIBOMLaboratory for Biological Geochemistry – LGB
Prof. Athanasios NENESLaboratory of Atmospheric Processes and their Impacts – LAPI
Dr. Satoshi TAKAHAMALaboratory of Atmospheric Processes and their Impacts – LAPI
Prof. Sara BONETTILaboratory of Catchment Hydrology and Geomorphology – CHANGE
Prof. Michael LEHNINGLaboratory of Cryospheric Sciences – CRYOS
Prof. Kristin SCHIRMERLaboratory of Environmental Toxicology – TOX
Prof. Wenyu GULaboratory of microbial physiology and resource Biorecovery – MICROBE
Prof. Claudia BINDERLaboratory on Human-Environment Relations in Urban Systems – HERUS
Prof. Ianina ALTSHULERMicrobiome Adaptation to the Changing Environment – MACE
Prof. Charlotte GROSSIORDPlant Ecology Research Laboratory – PERL
Prof. Jéròme CHAPPELLAZSmart Environmental Sensing in Extreme Environnements – SENSE
Prof. Meret AEPPLISoil Biogeochemistry Laboratory – SOIL
Prof. Christian LUDWIGSolid Waste Treatment – GR-LUD
Prof. Tom BATTINRiver Ecosystems Laboratory – RIVER
Prof. Fernando PORTÉ-AGELWind Engineering and Renewable Energy Laboratory – WIRE

Architectural and Urban Engineering