Hydraulic Constructions Platform

Fundamental research and innovation in hydraulic engineering

© Samuel Vorlet

The PL-LCH focuses on fundamental research and innovation in hydraulic engineering for a sustainable use of water resources. The main missions of the laboratory include activities in research, teaching and services. A state-of-the-art approach including analytics, physical experiments and numerical simulations allows advanced modeling of complex phenomena in the domains of:

  • water infrastructures engineering,
  • river mechanics,
  • water and groundwater management,
  • hydrological processes,
  • ecohydraulics engineering.

The main fields of activity of the laboratory include hydropower, hydraulic structures, sediment management, flood protection, hydraulic networks, sediment transport, erosion processes, morphodynamics, habitats and connectivity, sustainable allocation, irrigation and drainage, resilience and restoration, nonlinear routing, time series analysis, stochastic modeling, plant roots biomechanics, ecomorphodynamics and nature-based solutions. The PL-LCH (former LCH) is a laboratory from the Institute of Civil Engineering (IIC) from the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC).