Laboratory of Integrated Performance in Design

The Laboratory of Integrated Performance in Design (LIPID) engages in questions of energy, health, comfort and perception and their interactions in the design of the built environment, with an overall strategic goal of fulfilling building occupant needs and a core focus area on daylighting strategies. Our work involves different perspectives and methods, ranging from the human scale to the building and even urban scale, based on both simulations and experimental work. We aim to bring new models, methods, metrics, decision support platforms and physical demonstrators, to enrich the designer’s tool set and adopt a holistic and integrated approach in architecture.

Our research

Ensuring comfort while promoting human wellbeing are part of a satisfying occupant experience in buildings, but must remain bounded by energy and material efficiency. LIPID’s research activities focus on ways to fulfill – at minimum and beyond- building users’ physiological and emotional needs accounting for the resources we have available by taking four main perspectives: Health, Comfort, Perception and Energy.

how to improve human health and well-being through appropriate (day)lighting strategies

how to ensure visual and thermal comfort in indoor environments

how to predict the visual delight of daylit spaces

how to support design decisions based on energy performance and solar potential


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