Under the direction of Prof. Vincent Kaufmann, Laboratory of Urban Sociology (LASUR) comprises of around fifteen researchers and PhD students united towards the comprehension of urban experiences within a social science perspective.

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The Braillard Architects Foundation, Metrolab Brussels (LOCI-UCLouvain) and the Urban Sociology Laboratory of EPFL LASUR invite you to the second session of its conference cycle “Dessiner la transition III”.

A new nationwide study being conducted jointly by EPFL, the Idiap Research Institute and the University of Lausanne (UNIL) aims to understand the emotional effects of the lockdown on Swiss residents and what steps they are taking to cope with it. The findings will be used to develop better support strategies for the future.

Situated within the ENAC Faculty, the LASUR celebrated its 15th anniversary this autumn. From the contextualization of former research conducted by the LASUR these past 15 years, this event aimed to question the role of social sciences within engineering and architecture schools, and the contemporary issues of a sociological thinking of the city. Researchers from different disciplines and fields shared their vision about the role of social sciences in the field of urban studies nowadays.