International Conference Nuits des Suds

First interdisciplinary approach to the nights of the World
September 20, 21, 22 in Fez 2024 (Morocco)

Call for papers

The interdisciplinary conference “Nuits des Suds” will be an opportunity for researchers from different disciplines (planning, anthropology, art, architecture, law, geography, economics, history, engineering sciences, media studies, political sciences, sociology , urban planning, etc.), for artists, association leaders, practitioners and elected officials from many countries to take stock of this work, in and in the South. The aim will be to better understand the developments in urban and rural nights, the ways of living and living at night on different scales according to cultures, countries, territories, cities, to identify developments, tensions, inequalities of access, but also the strategies for development or protection of nights carried by different actors and to examine the favored forms of governance. The prospective dimension will also be questioned, particularly around the new possible role of the night as a space of activity in the face of global warming. We will also be interested in ways of observing and analyzing this space-time, of identifying conflicts of use and innovations at work in different fields.