The Institute for Sociological Research is pleased to announce the program for Forum 2022.

Cities are characterized by their pluralism. This fact is becoming increasingly relevant in the practice of urban governance and planning. The treatment of difference is usually based on an understanding that focuses on a single individual characteristic (such as income) and addresses only specific groups. This is a restrictive understanding of difference, one that imposes exclusive characteristics on individuals or groups and thus simplifies complex identities. In our view, it is necessary to include in the concept of difference many other existing characteristics such as age, gender, language, disability and religion, in order to understand these characteristics in their intersectional combination and to dissolve representations of supposedly homogeneous groups. Difference-oriented urbanism is an approach we suggest to conceptualize differences in planning theory and practice.

The IRS will welcome you to the first forum on Wednesday, March 2, 2022, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm in room M S040 at Uni Mail

“Thinking and planning the city of differences”
Sandro Cattacin, University of Geneva
Fiorenza Gamba, University of Geneva

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