Ongoing expertises

Lignon : a shared neighborhood 

Research-action mandate for the implementation of a participatory process aiming at 1) a better understanding of the appropriation practices by young people – and the rest of the inhabitants – of the public spaces of Le Lignon, 2) the outline of a design layout allowing to better respond to the spatial needs of young people in the neighborhood.

Period: 2023

Scientific manager: Luca Pattaroni

LASUR team: Lucien Delley (project manager), Sonia Curnier

Funding / mandator Commune de Vernier, Canton de Genève, Association des copropriétaires du Lignon

Atlas of the Landscapes of Paris

Sociological expertise in the team, directed by Paola Vigano, in charge of the realization of the Atlas of the Landscapes of Paris. The atlas aims to qualify the landscapes of Paris, based on scientific analysis and public perceptions. The LaSUR accompanies the reflection on the social and political stakes of the landscape (perception, uses, conflicts, economic valorisation).

Period: 2022 – 2024

Scientific manager (sociological section): Luca Pattaroni

Partnership: Habitat Research Center, LaSUR, Valentin Bourdon

Funding / mandator Ville de Paris


Renovation of the Poissonniers Tower, Paris

Partner of the multidisciplinary team – led by AUC (Grand Prix d’Urbanisme 2021) and Fagart&Fontana – winner of the competitive dialogue for the renovation of the Poissonnier Tower in Paris (400 participating teams). Sociological expertise for the conceptualization of typologies, common spaces and participative management modes; implementation and animation of participatory workshops.

Period: 2021 – 2025

Scientific manager (sociological section): Luca Pattaroni

LASUR team: Garance Clément (project manager), Fiona Del Puppo

Partnership: AUC, Fagart & Fontana, Mosbach Paysagiste, AHA, Arcadis Rotor, Link, Medieco, BMF

Funding / mandator Paris Habitat / CROUS

Cross-border Territorial Vision 2050 (Chablais sector)

Sociological expertise within the team, led by Studio Vigano, in charge of the development of the Cross-Border Territorial Vision 2050 of the Chablais sector. The mandate consists in developing a territorial project aiming at carbon neutrality in 2050. The results will feed the cantonal (Master Plan) and regional (Agglomeration Project, SCOT) planning tools. The project aims to link mobility, housing, productivity (tertiary jobs, manufacturing activities, agriculture) and ecological issues (preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity). The LaSUR accompanies the reflection on the evolution of lifestyles, the models of densification, the initiatives for the transition and the forms of mobility. 

Period: 2022 – 2024

Scientific manager (sociological section): Luca Pattaroni

Partnership: Studio Vigano, , Citec Ingénieurs Conseils, Wüest Partner, Andréa S. Finger-Stich, Luca Pattaroni, Aristide Athanassiadis, Elena Cogato Lanza, Valentin Bourdon.

The uses of the accompanying measures for the Léman Express

The Vaud Court of Audit, the Geneva Court of Audit and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Chamber of accounts have taken up the issue of the accompanying measures for the Léman Express. In this context, they wish in particular to measure the adequacy of the support measures  implemented in the stations of the Léman Express with the practices of the inhabitants of Greater Geneva. The LaSUR is mandated to carry out an evaluation of the accompanying measures within the framework of the Léman Panel.

Period: 2022-2023

Project director / coordinator : Vincent Kaufmann

LASUR team: Elisa Tirindelli

Funding / mandator : Geneva and Vaud Courts of Audit, Auvergne-Rhône Regional chamber of accounts

Strategic exploratory study on low-carbon mobility in Geneva in 2050

In order to limit the rise in temperature to 1.5°C, in accordance with the Paris Agreement adopted in 2015, experts recommend a global reduction in emissions of 45% by 2030 and the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2050. For Grand Genève, these objectives imply a reduction of about 40% to 60% in 2030 and about 90% of GHG emissions by 2050 for net carbon neutrality. As far as mobility is concerned, reaching such an objective requires a switch to electric mobility, but also a very proactive policy of modal shift and relocation of activities in the vicinity, as well as support for the population in their transition to sustainable mobility. In this context, the study aims to contribute to the establishment of a strategy to achieve the ecological transition of the mobility sector in Grand Genève.

Period : 2021 – 2022

Project director / coordinator : Vincent Kaufmann

Funding / mandator : Republic and Canton of Geneva, Cantonal Office of Transport

Member of the Board of Experts, What basis for the next Cantonal Master Plan?

Participation as expert in the preliminary and development workshops of the new Cantonal Master Plan of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. in the expert board on the parallel study mandate for the Chamblioux-Bertigny master concept in Fribourg.

Period : 2020 – 2022

Project director / coordinator : Vincent Kaufmann

Partnership : Urbaplan

Funding / mandator : Republic and Canton of Geneva, Territory Department