What future for urban ropeways?

— In his thesis at EPFL, Fernando Simas studies how cable transport represents an alternative to other existing modes from the point of view of users, and how to integrate it into the territory. "Tribune de Genève" interviewed the researcher. 

High mobility and immobility

— Emmanuel Ravalet, lecturer at EPFL for the Urban Sociology Laboratory, gives an interview to "Migros Magazine" on the development, consequences and limits of pendularity in Switzerland.

Youth and the car

— The car is still popular with young people despite current climate concerns. Guillaume Drevon, scientific collaborator in urban sociology at EPFL, was interviewed by "RTS Un" on this subject. 

What will the mobility of the future look like in the canton of Vaud?

— For public authorities, it will be necessary to take into account all known technological and social developments, from autonomous vehicles to the Internet of Things or artificial intelligence, etc. Vincent Kaufmann, from EPFL, is delighted with this new approach, which envisages different futures.

Young people remain attached to the car

— The Laboratory of Urban Sociology (LASUR) and the EPFL Social Media Lab have carried out a study showing that tomorrow's adults value the car over other modes of transport. Guillaume Drevon, researcher at LASUR, answers the questions in "Le Temps". 

New underground car park in Yverdon

— Marc Antoine Messer, urban planner at the EPFL's Laboratory of Urban Sociology, was interviewed by the "RTS" about the future underground car park with 1000 spaces planned in front of the Yverdon-les-Bains train station. The Communal Council has just accepted its construction.

More mobility, more constraints ?

— In an article for the online magazine Republik, Vincent Kaufmann, professor of urban sociology and mobility analysis at EPFL, discusses transport planning in Switzerland. In particular, he comments on the increase of road capacity by wondering whether it might not be time to slow down.

Interurban mobility: Which way forward for Switzerland?

— The Federal Council's proposal to systematically extend the national motorway network from 2 to 3 lanes is under debate. Vincent Kaufmann, professor, and Pierre Dessemontet, associate researcher at the Laboratory of Urban Sociology at EPFL, were on "Prise de terre" to talk about it.

Should we widen the highways?

— The federal proposal to widen the highways to 3 lanes in Switzerland divides. Is it the right solution to avoid traffic jams? Vincent Kaufmann, Professor of Urban Sociology and Mobility Analysis at EPFL, was on the RTS program "Mise au point" to talk about it.

The history of tramways in Geneva

— The fourth volume of the History of Transport in Geneva has just been published. It is prefaced by Vincent Kaufmann, Professor of Urban Sociology and Mobility Analysis at EPFL.

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