EDCE PhD Student Representatives

Event program 2023-2024

Who are we?

We are a team of four PhDs elected by EDCE students.

What do we do?

We take care of the following 3 main tasks:

1.  Representation: 

We represent EDCE PhDs in the EDCE committee meetings, the doctoral commission meetings, and the biannual meeting with the direction of the doctoral school.

In these meetings, we discuss and vote on several topics, such as the program regulations, study plan, introduction of new courses, etc. We also transmit to EDCE PhD students if relevant decisions are made at EDCE committee or EPFL doctoral committee levels.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the EDCE doctoral program, please send us an email at: [email protected]

2.  Social events: 

We organize multiple social events during the year to allow you to meet other EDCE PhD students. It is your opportunity to get to know what other students from EDCE are doing! 

We also support activities organized by Polydoc, to foster interactions in the PhD community at EPFL.

To meet you in a casual environment, we organize every first Tuesday of the month a café drop (café is on EDCE!). Emma, our doctoral admin is also present, you can ask any questions regarding your life as an EDCE PhD student. Sometimes our program director will join too.

3.  Mentoring/Help: 

We’re always open to the discussion, and if we don’t have the answers for you, we’ll do our best to help you find them! 

In addition, know that there is a range of resources at EPFL available to help you:

  • If you feel comfortable, your first port-of-call is your supervisor. Open and honest discussions are imperative for a successful PhD.
  • If this is not an option, we encourage you to email your mentor, to who you will have been assigned upon starting your PhD. You find your mentor’s name in your IS-Academia portal. You can also contact [email protected] if you can’t remember your mentor.
  • PolyDoc is the PhD student association for EPFL. In addition they organize social activities, PolyDoc also helps to coordinate the Doctoral Program student representatives. Their page on mental health resources, My Well-Being, has information on what resources are available to you. You can contact them directly at [email protected]
  • With the Peer2Peer counseling program, you receive advice from fellow PhDs and postdocs to help you find support in case of conflicts, or if you need help. For instance, they can orientate you with the mental-health supports available at EPFL.
Welcome apero May 2023

We are your EDCE Ph.D. representatives.