Environmental Hydraulics Laboratory

The Environmental Hydraulics Laboratory (LHE) is a laboratory of the Civil Engineering Institute (IIC) of the school of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC).

Hydraulics and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Group

The LHE is a laboratory of environmental fluid mechanics whose research strives toward a better understanding of hydraulic processes in the environment, with particular emphasis on the problems encountered in the Alps. The laboratory also investigates how scientific knowledge is incorporated into land-use planning policies.

Scientific activities and applications

with the objective of modeling natural hazards induced by water such as mudflows and avalanches.

aiming at better management of sediments in waterways.

with the objective of studying free surface flow to better understand dynamic, transport phenomena within rivers including floods and dambreak waves (in mountain areas).

with the objective of providing decision makers with scientific tools related to land use planning and natural hazard mitigation in mountain areas.


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