EDME Alumni testimonials

David Kammer

I got my PhD in the Computational Solid Mechanics Laboratory (LSMS) working with Prof. Jean-François Molinari. In 2016, I started as an assistant professor of civil engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca NY, USA, where I taught undergraduate and graduate courses and established a research group focused on applied and computational mechanics. At Cornell, I got the opportunity to work on many new and interesting research topics, including the mechanics of laboratory earthquakes. In 2019, I moved to ETH Zurich as an assistant professor tenure-track, where I now extend my research and teaching activities further.

Alessandro F. Rotta Loria

Upon completion of my Ph.D. educational path at EPFL in the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics chaired by Prof. Lyesse Laloui, I was appointed assistant professor at Northwestern University. Currently, I lead the Mechanics and Energy Lab (MEL) in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Northwestern, a research initiative developing theoretical and experimental studies centered on the subsurface. At the MEL, we develop fundamental investigations that lie at the intersection of Geomechanics, Energy, and Environmental Sustainability, focusing on the basic understanding of the mechanics of geological materials in the context of energy transfers. The work we perform ultimately aims to develop the cities of tomorrow – highly sustainable and resilient environments benefitting from advances in underground construction, as well as subsurface energy production and storage, which our basic science seeks to support. During my transition from EPFL to Northwestern, I have been awarded the Zeno Karl Schindler Award for excellence in environmental sustainability research and I am currently a world finalist of the MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35.

Dimitrios Terzis
PhD in the Soil Mechanics Laboratory (LMS)

After finishing my Ph.D., I received an EPFL Innogrant to support my post-doc which was focused on the upscaling of the technology of ground bio-cementation, which I studied during my doctoral thesis. Since then, my project MeduSoil has received the support of a SNF BRIDGE fellowship and of the Gebert ruf Stiftung’s Innobooster program, for a total grant sum of 280’000 CHF. These grants helped recruit new talent, develop targeted research and partner with industrial entities which hold a critical role in transferring MeduSoil’s technology from lab to market. Among the things I enjoy most is teaching. Since 2019 I am in charge of the semester course “Innovation in Construction and the environment” which is taught at the Civil Engineering section of EPFL and seeks to instill in its graduates the necessary skills to innovate. Finally, I was honored to be listed in the Forbes 30Under30 class of 2020 in the Industry and Manufacturing category.