EDIC Affiliated labs & Research expertise

Research in the IC School spans a broad range of topics in Computer Science and Communications, including digital education, computer architecture, systems and networking, programming languages and verification, databases, cryptography, security and privacy, signal and image processing, algorithmic and information theory, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

IC Faculty

Abbé, EmmanuelMathematical Data Science (IC/SB)AIMLATCSICTprobability, statistics, discrete mathematics, machine learning, information theory
Aberer, KarlDistributed Information Systems (IC)AIMLDMIRNLPdata integration, Peer-to-peer systems, World Wide Web, sensor data management
Ailamaki, AnastasiaData-Intensive Applications and Systems (IC)CAISDMIRdatabase management systems, scientific applications, computer architecture
Argyraki, KaterinaNetwork Architecture (IC)OSNETnetwork architecture, network debugging, denial of service, programmable routers
Bosselut, AntoineNatural Language Processing (IC)AIMLDMIRHCINLPnatural language processing, machine learning, knowledge representations, computational reasoning, commonsense modeling, artificial intelligence
Boulic, RonanImmersive Interaction (IC)AIMLHCIVCexperimental study of embodiment in VR, immersive interaction, human movement modelling, human posture optimization, real-time 3D interaction, motion capture, inverse kinematics, locomotion and steering control, expression of complex emotions
Bourgeat, ThomasTBC (IC)CAISPLFMS&Pcomputer architecture, processors and accelerators, formal verification, FPGA, microarchitectural side-channels
Brbic, MariaMachine learning for biomedicine (IC)AIMLmachine learning, deep learning, AI for science, computational biology
Bugnion, EdouardData Center Systems (IC)OSNETcomputer systems, data center infrastructure and networking, operating systems, virtualization
Candea, GeorgeDependable Systems (IC)OSNETPLFMS&Psystem security, operating systems, distributed systems, embedded systems, software reliability, software verification and certification
Chiesa, AlessandroLaboratory for Computation Security (IC)ATCSS&Pcryptography, computational complexity theory, privacy, security, zero-knowledge proofs, delegation of computation, succinct arguments, property testing, blockchain technology
De Micheli, GiovanniIntegrated Systems (IC/STI)CAISmicro-electronics, VLSI, embedded systems, CAD, nanotechnology, lab on chip
Dillenbourg, PierreComputer-Human Interaction in Learning and Instruction (IC)DEHCIlearning technologies, online education, MOOCs, human-computer interaction, collaborative learning (CSCL/CSCW), eye tracking, tangible interfaces, educational robotics
Falsafi, BabakParallel Systems Architecture (IC)CAISDCPLFMcomputer architecture, technology-scalable datacenters, design for dark silicon, robust computer systems and performance evaluation
Faltings, BoiArtificial Intelligence (IC)AIMLNLPartificial intelligence, constraint programming, multi-agent systems, electronic commerce, computational game theory
Flammarion, NicolasTheory of Machine Learning (IC)AIMLATCSmachine learning, optimization, statistics, algorithms, learning theory
Ford, BryanDecentralized and Distributed Systems (IC)DCPLFMS&Psecure decentralized systems, privacy and anonymous communication, systems security, blockchain technology
Fua, PascalComputer Vision (IC)AIMLSIPVCcomputer vision, biomedical imaging, augmented reality
Gastpar, MichaelInformation in Networked Systems (IC)ICTSIPinformation theory, signal processing, communications, systems neuroscience
Gerstner, WulframComputational Neuroscience (IC/SV)AIMLcomputational neuroscience, models of biological systems, learning, spiking neuron models, spike-timing dependent plasticity
Göös, MikaTheory of Computation (IC)ATCScomputational complexity theory, communication complexity, circuit complexity, proof complexity
Grossglauser, MatthiasInformation and Network Dynamics (IC)AIMLDMIRICTmachine learning and data analytics, and applications to social networks, mobility mining, politics, privacy
Guerraoui, RachidDistributed Computing (IC)AIMLATCSDCPLFMdistributed algorithms, secure distributed storage, transactional shared memory and distributed programming languages
Hassanieh, HaithamSENS (IC)ICTOSNETSIPVCwireless networks, sensing systems, and algorithms
Ienne, PaoloProcessor Architecture (IC)CAIScomputer and processor architecture, FPGAs and reconfigurable computing, electronic design automation, computer arithmetic
Jaggi, MartinMachine Learning and Optimization (IC)AIMLATCSDCNLPmachine learning, optimization, learning algorithms, systems for machine learning, text understanding
Jakob, WenzelRealistic Graphics (IC)SIPVCimage synthesis, material appearance modeling, computer graphics
Kapralov, MichaelTheory of Computation (IC)ATCSalgorithm design, sublinear algorithms, sketching, streaming, sparse recovery
Käser, TanjaMachine Learning for Education Laboratory (IC)AIMLDEHCIdigital vocational education, educational data mining, student modeling, knowledge representation, simulations
Kashyap, SanidhyaRobust Scalable Systems Software (IC)CAISOSNEToperating systems, virtualization, file systems, parallel computing, software testing, fuzzing, distributed systems, computer architecture, data analytics
Kermarrec, Anne-MarieScalable Computing Systems (IC)AIMLDMIRDClarge-scale distributed systems, epidemic algorithms, peer to peer networks and system support for machine learning
Koch, ChristophData Analysis Theory and Applications (IC)ATCSDMIRPLFMdata analysis, data management, database systems, database theory, logic, computational complexity theory, programming language theory, computer algebra
Kuncak ViktorAutomated Reasoning and Analysis (IC)PLFMformal verification, automated reasoning, programming languages
Larus, JamesVery Large Scale Computing (IC)CAISOSNETPLFMprogramming languages and tools, resilient software, cloud computing, large-scale computer systems, computer architecture
Le Boudec, Jean-YvesComputer Communications and Applications (IC)OSNETperformance evaluation with stochastic models and discrete event systems, wireless networking, optimization and modeling of energy savings
Lévêque, OlivierInformation Theory (IC)ICTinformation theory, random matrices, stochastic calculus
Macris, NicolasCommunication Theory (IC)ICTcoding, graphical models, statistical mechanics methods
Mondada, FrancescoMobile Robotic Systems (STI/IC)DEHCIDesign of miniature mobile robots for: swarm robotics research, animal-robot interaction, cross-fertilization between robotics and art, edutainment
Odersky, MartinProgramming Methods (IC)CAISPLFMprogramming languages, programming methods, compiler construction, foundations of software, object-oriented programming, functional programming, Scala
Pauly, MarkGeometric Computing (IC)AIMLHCIVCgeometry processing, computer graphics, digital fabrication, optimization, computational design, architectural geometry
Payer, MathiasHexHive (IC)PLFMS&Psoftware security, system security, sanitization, software testing, fuzzing mitigation, fault isolation, compartmentalization
Pit-Claudel, ClémentSystems and Formalisms (IC)CAISHCIOSNETPLFMS&Pdomain-specific languages, compilers, formal verification, interactive theorem proving, automated reasoning, verified systems, hardware design languages, performance engineering, programming methodology and tools
Pu Faltings, PearlHuman Computer Interaction (IC)AIMLDMIRHCINLPuser preference elicitation, preference-based search, e-commerce, social web, user review systems, recommender systems, human computer interaction, intelligent user interfaces, information visualization
Salathé, MarcelDigital Epidemiology (IC/SV)AIMLDMIRdigital epidemiology, network analysis, machine learning, big data analytics, complex systems modeling
Salzmann, MathieuComputer Vision (IC)AIMLVCComputer vision, deep learning, machine learning, AI for space applications.
Schrimpf, MartinNeuroAI (IC/SV)AIMLHCINLPVCneuroAI, computational neuroscience, deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, natural intelligence, human behavior, primate vision, human language, brain-machine-interfaces
Shkel, YaninaLaboratory for Information in Networked Systems (IC)ATCSICTS&Pinformation theory, theory of data compression, mathematical models for privacy and secrecy, fundamental limits of privacy-aware information processing systems, information-theoretic methods in cryptography
Süsstrunk, SabineImage and Visual Representation (IC)AIMLHCISIPVCcomputational photography, computational imaging, image processing, computer vision, machine learning, computational image quality and aesthetics
Svensson, OlaTheory of Computation (IC)ATCSapproximation algorithms, combinatorial optimization, computational complexity and scheduling
Telatar, EmreInformation Theory (IC)ICTinformation theory
Thiran, PatrickInformation and Network Dynamics (IC)AIMLATCSICTstochastic models, random networks, data-driven network science, wireless networks, network measurements, dynamical systems
Troncoso, CarmelaSecurity and Privacy Engineering (IC)DMIRDCS&Pprivacy, computer security problems, building privacy-preserving systems, quantifying private information, improving privacy properties in decentralized systems, anonymous communications and attribute based credentials, genomic privacy
Urbanke, RüdigerCommunication Theory (IC)ICTcoding, communications, information theory, graphical models, methods of statistical physics applied to problems in communications and computer science
Vaudenay, SergeSecurity and Cryptography (IC)ATCSICTS&Pcryptographic analysis, design of cryptographic algorithms and protocols, lightweight cryptography, secure communication, wireless security, composability and setup assumptions, methodology and theory for cryptography, number theory and cryptography, automated security verification
Vetterli, MartinAudiovisual Communications (IC)ICTSIPtheory of wavelets and their applications, signal processing for telecommunications, communication systems and multimedia, sensor networks
West, RobertData Science (IC)AIMLDMIRHCINLPsocial and information network analysis, machine learning, computational social science, data mining, natural language processing, human computation
Zamir, AmirVisual Intelligence and Learning (IC)AIMLSIPVCcomputer vision, machine learning, perception-for-robotics, transfer/self-supervised/unsupervised learning, 3D vision, artificial intelligence
Zdeborova, LenkaStatistical Physics of Computation (IC/SB)AIMLATCSICTSIPstatistical physics, machine learning, deep learning theory, statistical inference, high-dimensional statistics, graphical models, signal processing theory
Artificial Intelligence & Machine LearningAIML // Algorithms & Theoretical Computer ScienceATCS // Computer Architecture & Integrated SystemsCAIS // Data Management & Information RetrievalDMIR // Digital EducationDE // Distributed Computing DC // Human-Computer InteractionHCI // Information & Communication TheoryICT // – Natural Language ProcessingNLP //Operating Systems and NetworksOSNET // Programming Languages & Formal MethodsPLFM // Security & PrivacyS&P // Signal & Image ProcessingSIP // Visual ComputingVC


Courtesy Appointments & non-IC EDIC Affiliated Faculty

Alahi, AlexandreVisual Intelligence for Transportation (ENAC)AIMLATCSHCISIPVCtransportation & mobility, socially-aware artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, human-robot interaction, ambient intelligence
Boumal, NicolasContinuous Optimization (SB)AIMLATCSoptimization, geometry, statistics, numerical analysis
Carleo, GiuseppeComputational Quantum Science (SB)AIMLmachine learning, many-body quantum physics, quantum computing, generative models, classical simulation of quantum algorithms
Cevher, VolkanInformation and Inference Systems (STI)AIMLATCSICTSIPmachine learning, optimization, signal processing theory, information theory, statistics
Eisenbrand, FriedrichDiscrete Optimization (SB)ATCScombinatorial optimization, computational geometry, complexity, approximation algorithms
Filipovic, DamirQuantitative Finance (CDM)AIMLquantitative finance, applied probability, machine learning
Fink, OlgaIntelligent Maintenance and Operations Systems (ENAC)AIMLDomain adaptation and generalization, physics-informed machine learning, (physics-informed) graph neural networks, AI for engineering, Self-supervised learning
Frossard, PascalSignal Processing (STI)AIMLSIPgraph and network signal processing, image and video processing, image analysis and recognition, machine learning and data science, multimedia communications
Gillet, DenisInteraction Systems (STI)DEDMIRHCIweb-based interaction systems, human-computer interaction, human-device interaction, cyber physical systems, coordination systems, autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles
Hongler, ClémentStatistical Field (SB)AIMLneural networks, learning theory, probability, mathematical physics, statistical mechanics
Kamgarpour, MaryamSystem Control and Multiagent Optimization Research (STI)AIMLATCSstochastic optimization and control, multi-agent learning, reinforcement learning, online learning, mixed integer optimization
Kaplan, FrédéricDigital Humanities (CDH)AIMLVCdigital humanities, big data, models of language acquisition and evolution, innovative Interfaces, artificial intelligence, robotics, developmental systems, intrinsic motivation, multi-agent system, joint attention, gesture interaction
Kiyavash, NegarBusiness Analytics (CDM)AIMLATCSICTdata science, machine learning, statistics
Krzakala, FlorentInformation Learning & Physics (SB/STI)AIMLATCSICTSIPprobability, machine learning, information theory, high-dimensional statistics, graphical models, signal processing, statistical physics
Mattavelli, MarcoMultimedia (STI)VCmultimedia systems engineering, digital system analysis and modeling, design space exploration and implementation methodologies
Mathis, AlexandreComputational Neuroscience & AI (SV)AIMLSIPVCcomputational/theoretical neuroscience, models of biological systems, learning, computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, behavior 
Mathis, MackenzieAdaptive Motor Control (SV)AIMLSIPVCrepresentation learning, computer vision, computational neuroscience, pose estimation, animal behavior
Paolone, MarioDistributed Electrical Systems (STI)power systems, smart grids, energy, storage systems, situational awareness, optimal planning and control
Sayed, AliAdaptive Systems (STI)AIMLICTSIPadaptation and learning theories, statistical inference, distributed optimization, network and data sciences, biologically-inspired designs
Schwaller, PhilippeArtificial Chemical Intelligence (SB)AIMLHCINLPaccelerated chemical synthesis, molecular design, knowledge extraction, chemical language models, lab of the future, sustainable chemistry, hybrid expert/ML approaches
Shoaran, MahsaIntegrated Neurotechnologies (STI)AIMLCAISHCISIP neural interfaces, low-power integrated circuits, edge machine learning, neurotechnology, neural signal processing and machine learning, brain-machine interfaces
Tuia, DevisEnvironmental Computational Science and Earth Observation (ENAC)AIMLVC– Earth observation : satellite remote sensing / drones image processing
– Environmental science: nature conservation / land use change / Alpine environments
– Computer vision, machine learning:  segmentation / detection / hybrid models / interpretable AI / human machine interaction
Vandergheynst, PierreSignal Processing (STI)AIMLSIPVCdata science, machine learning, computational harmonic analysis, inverse problems, compressive sensing, computer vision
Artificial Intelligence & Machine LearningAIML // Algorithms & Theoretical Computer ScienceATCS // Computer Architecture & Integrated SystemsCAIS // Data Management & Information RetrievalDMIR // Digital EducationDE // Distributed ComputingDC // Human-Computer InteractionHCI // Information & Communication TheoryICT // – Natural Language ProcessingNLP // Operating Systems and NetworksOSNET // Programming Languages & Formal MethodsPLFM // Security & PrivacyS&P // Signal & Image ProcessingSIP // Visual ComputingVC