Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience

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The Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience

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LCN is the Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). The LCN is headed by Professor Wulfram Gerstner and has research activities in the area of neural networks and computational neuroscience.

A taxonomy of surprise definitions

A. ModirshanechiJ. BreaW. Gerstner 

Mean-field limit of age and leaky memory dependent Hawkes processes

V. Schmutz 

Brain signals of a Surprise-Actor-Critic model: Evidence for multiple learning modules in human decision making

V. LiakoniM. P. LehmannA. ModirshanechiJ. BreaA. Lutti et al. 

Online Talk of Berfin Simsek – Geometry of Neural Network Loss Landscape ” on Youtube (30 min), based on our ICML paper in 2021, presented at the workshop on  Loss Landscapes of Neural Networks

When shared concept cells support associations: Theory of overlapping memory engrams

Gastaldi, Chiara ; Schwalger, Tilo ; De Falco, Emanuela ; Quiroga, Rodrigo Quian ; Gerstner, Wulfram