Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience

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The Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience

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LCN is the Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). The LCN is headed by Professor Wulfram Gerstner and has research activities in the area of neural networks and computational neuroscience.

Doctoral Class in Neurophysics, 12-16 June 2023

This class will focus on large-scale neural data analysis and dynamics of large networks, in particular mean-field methods and manifolds, and is designed for doctoral students from EPFL with a strong background in physics or math and previous exposure to computational neuroscience. It is also open for PhD students in theoretical neuroscience  from other universities in Europe (application form below).

A taxonomy of surprise definitions

A. ModirshanechiJ. BreaW. Gerstner 

Mean-field limit of age and leaky memory dependent Hawkes processes

V. Schmutz