Former PhD Students

Thesis TitleYear
Dr. Bernd IllingBiologically plausible unsupervised learning in shallow and deep neural networks2021
Dr. Chiara GastaldiA dynamical systems approach to synaptic consolidation and associations of concepts in hippocampus2021
Dr. Florian François ColomboLearning music composition with recurrent neural networks2021
Dr. Vasiliki LiakoniSurprise-based model estimation in reinforcement learning: algorithms and brain signatures2021
Dr. Olivia GozelFrom adult dentate gyrus neurogenesis to pattern separation2019
Dr. Marco LehmanOne-shot learning and eligibility traces in sequential decision making2018
Dr. Samuel MuscinelliSlow dynamics in structured neural network models2018
Dr. Dane CorneilModel-based reinforcement learning and navigation in animals and machines2018
Dr. Hesam SetarehNeural assemblies as core elements for modeling neural networks in the brain2017
Dr. Alexander Kevin SeeholzerContinuous attractor working memory and provenance of channel models2017
Dr. Mohammadjavad FarajiLearning with surprise: theory and applications2016
Dr. Carlos Stein Naves de BritoTheory of representation learning in cortical neural networks2016
Dr. Christian PozzoriniComputational principles of single neuron adaptation2014
Dr. Skander MensiA new Mathematical Framework to Understand Single Neuron Computations2014
Dr. Friedemann ZenkeMemory formation and recall in recurrent spiking neural networks2014
Dr. Lorric ZieglerSynaptic Learning Rules with Consolidation2014
Dr. Felipe GerhardStatistical models of effective connectivity in neural microcircuits2014
Dr. Nicolas FrémauxModels of reward-modulated spike-timing-dependent plasticity2013
Dr. Guillaume HennequinStability and amplification in plastic cortical circuits2012
Dr. Danilo Jimenez RezendeBehavioral and computational mechanisms of multi-sensory integration in humans2012
Dr. Christian TommAnalysing Neuronal Network Architectures2012
Dr. Richard NaudThe Dynamics of Adapting Neurons2011
Dr. Nicolas MarcilleModels of Evidence Integration in Rapid Decision Making Processes2011
Dr. Claudia Clopath Synaptic plasticity across different time scales and its functional implications2009
Dr. Gediminas Luksys Stress, individual differences, and norepinephrine in reinforcement learning-based prediction of mouse behavior in conditioning and spatial learning2009
Dr. Laurent Badel Interpretation of neuronal response properties with simplified neuron models2008
Dr. Denis SheynikhovichSpatial navigation in geometric mazes : a computational model of rodent behavior2007
Dr. Brice BathellierAnalysis of information processing in the olfactory bulb by in vivo experiments and theoretical modelling2007
Dr. Laurence Meylan Tone mapping for high dynamic range images2006
Dr. Jean-Pascal PfisterTheory of non-linear spike-time-dependent plasticity2006
Dr. Ricardo ChavarriagaSpatial learning and navigation in the rat : a biomimetic model2005
Dr. Julien MayorSensory memory in a model of a cortical column : noise, phase transitions and signal statistics2005
Dr. Renaud JolivetEffective minimal threshold models of neuronal activity2004
Dr. Thomas StrösslinA connectionist model of spatial learning in the rat2004
Dr. Silvio BorerNew support vector algorithms for multicategorical data applied to real-time object recognition2003
Dr. Pierre-Edouard SottasTemporal sequence learning with non-equilibrium recurrent neural networks2002
Dr. Félix GersLong short-term memory in recurrent neural networks2001
Dr. Alix Herrmann Noise and the neural response to current transients2001
Dr. Angelo ArleoSpatial learning and navigation in neuro-mimetic systems : modeling the rat hippocampus2000
Dr. Mona SpiridonSignal transmission reliability in densely connected networks of spiking neurons2000
Dr. Perry MoerlandMixture models for unsupervised and supervised learning2000
Dr. Fabrizio SmeraldiAttention-driven pattern recognition2000