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Neuro researchers at EPFL develop and apply new technologies to investigate brain function, dysfunction and therapy.
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BMI seminars

Upcoming: Enrica Strettoi on 13/11/2019 at 12:15 in SV1717.

Neuro sympo winter 2019

EPFL Neuro Symposia

International meetings at EPFL in diverse fields of neuroscience, neurocomputation and neuroengineering.

Brain Mind Institute Synaptome

EPFL Neuro events

Discover the full range of EPFL Neuro seminars, talks, progress reports, workshops and symposia.

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Find out more about EPFL Neuro research, our Scientific Advisory Board and our Partner Institutions.

Neuroscience education

Discover Bachelor, Master and PhD studies at EPFL, as well as our Summer Research Program.


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