Neuroscience Education

The Bachelor program in Life Sciences Engineering offers a number courses for undergraduate students interested in neuroscience.

Motivated 2nd or 3rd year EPFL Bachelor students can apply to the EPFL Summer in the Lab internship program to work in a Brain Mind Institute lab.

The Summer Research Program offers talented BA/MA students worldwide a unique research opportunity in the laboratories of the EPFL School of Life Sciences, including those within the Brain Mind Institute, to combine biology with engineering and computer sciences.

There are two options for neuroscience Master studies at EPFL, each with a different focus –

Master in Life Sciences Engineering with specialization in neuroscience
Master in Neuro-X.

Students interested to pursue postgraduate neuroscience research in the Brain Mind Institute can apply to the PhD program in Neuroscience (EDNE)Students can also join Brain Mind Institute labs from a number of other PhD programs in Life Sciences or other EPFL PhD programs.

The Brain Mind Institute strongly condemns the war of the Russian State in Ukraine and wants to help Ukrainian students and scientists interested in neuroscience through offering educational and research opportunities.

Please contact:

Brain Mind Institute Administration: [email protected]

Ukraine coordinator: [email protected]

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