EDIC Open House


Times are in Central European Standard Time

Monday, March 20, 2023 ¦ Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Welcome to EPFL!

On behalf of the Doctoral Program in Computer and Communication Sciences at EPFL, congratulations!

Our Open House for admitted EDIC fellowship students will run for two days, from Monday, March 20 to Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

We have planned a large number of short talks and group events, as well as plenty of opportunities for one-on-one meetings with IC faculty and students. These meetings are a great opportunity for you to learn more about the research we do, as well as ask all the questions you have about PhD student life at EPFL and in Lausanne.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Michael Kapralov and Martin Jaggi, 2023 EDIC Open House Chairs


Day 1 – Monday, March 20
08:30-09:00Registration & welcome coffee
09:00-11:30Welcome presentation & Lightning talks in 2 parallel tracks
11:30-14:30Standing lunch break & Poster Session
12:30-13:30IC Colloquium: Designing Provably Performant Networked Systems
14:00-18:00Research area roundtable discussions & One-on-one meetings
18:00-19:00EPIC presentation & Campus tour
20:00 onDinner in town
Day 2 – Tuesday, March 21
09:00-12:00One-on-one meetings
12:00-12:20Closing remarks
12:30-13:45Lunch break
14:00-18:00Free program/excursion

Lightning Talks – tentative schedule
Parallel track I: Martin Jaggi (Chair)
room: BC 420Speaker
09:20-09:35Caglar Gulcehre, newly appointed IC faculty
09:35-09:50Maria Brbic, Machine Learning for Biomedical Discovery Lab
09:50-10:05Martin Schrimpf, newly appointed IC faculty
10:25-10:40Viktor Sanca, Data-Intensive Applications and Systems Lab
10:40-10:55Amir Zamir, Visual Intelligence and Learning Lab
10:55-11:10Yingying Ren, Geometric Computing Lab
11:10-11:25Martin Josifoski, Data Science Lab
Parallel track II: Michael Kapralov (Chair)
room: BC 410Speaker
09:20-09:35Carmela Troncoso, Security and Privacy Engineering Lab
09:35-09:50Yatin Dandi, Statistical Physics of Computation Lab
09:50-10:05Thomas Bourgeat, newly appointed IC faculty
10:25-10:40Gilbert Maystre, Theory of Computation Lab 5
10:40-10:55Simla Harma, Parallel Systems Architecture Lab
10:55-11:10Reka Inovan, Information Theory Lab
11:10-11:25Rachid Guerraoui, Distributed Computing Lab

Poster list
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – AIML
Signal Processing Laboratory 4 (LTS4)A structured dictionary perspective on implicit neural representations
Machine Learning and Optimization Lab (MLO)Interpreting Language Models Through Knowledge Graph Extraction
Computational Neuroscience Lab (LCN)Novelty drives human exploration even when it is suboptimal
Lab for Information and Inference Systems (LIONS)Proximal Point Imitation Learning
Visual Intelligence and Learning Lab (VILAB)Task Discovery: Finding the Tasks that Neural Networks Generalize on
Data Science Lab (dlab)Wikipedia Reader Navigation: When Synthetic Data Is Enough
Computer Architecture & Integrated Systems – CAIS
Parallel Systems Architecture Lab (PARSA)Server Benchmarking with CloudSuite
Digital Education – DE
Data Management & Information Retrieval – DMIR
Data Science Lab (dlab)A Critical Re-evaluation of Neural Methods for Entity Alignment
Data-Intensive Applications and Systems Lab (DIAS)Dalton: Learned Partitioning for Distributed Data Streams
Data Analysis Theory and Applications Lab (DATA)Generalizing BSP Processing for Data Science: From Data to Threads and Agent-based Simulations
Data-Intensive Applications and Systems Lab (DIAS)HPCache: Memory-Efficient OLAP through Proportional Caching
Data-Intensive Applications and Systems Lab (DIAS)Pixels: Using Cloud Functions as Accelerator for Elastic Data Analytics
Data-Intensive Applications and Systems Lab (DIAS)Proteus: taming heterogeneity through virtualization & JIT adaptivity
Data-Intensive Applications and Systems Lab (DIAS)Sampling-Based AQP in Modern Analytical Engines
Data Analysis Theory and Applications Lab (DATA)Sudokube: High-dimensional Data Cubes
Operating Systems & Networks – OSNET
Dependable Systems Lab (DSLAB)Automated Verification of Network Function Binaries
Dependable Systems Lab (DSLAB)Automatic Scaling of Single-threaded Network Functions
Dependable Systems Lab (DSLAB)Concord: An efficient runtime for micro-second scale datacenter applications
Robust Scalable Systems Software Lab (RS3LAB)DSMage: A Framework for BlackBox Far-memory Aware Scalable Data Structures
Robust Scalable Systems Software Lab (RS3LAB)Evolving Systems Software
Dependable Systems Lab (DSLAB)Exhaustive Symbolic Execution for Common Loops
Robust Scalable Systems Software Lab (RS3LAB)Komb: Transparent Combining for Kernel
Network Architecture Lab (NAL)Localizing neutrality violations on the Internet
Network Architecture Lab (NAL)Measuring Internet Latency using Gaming Footage
Robust Scalable Systems Software Lab (RS3LAB)OdinFS: Scaling PM Performance with Opportunistic Delegation
Dependable Systems Lab (DSLAB), Network Architecture Lab (NAL)Performance Interfaces for systems code
Dependable Systems Lab (DSLAB)Proving Functional Correctness of Software Using Tests
Dependable Systems Lab (DSLAB)SVSHI: Secure and Verified Smart Home Infrastructure
Programming Languages & Formal Methods – PLFM
Lab for Automated Reasoning and Analysis (LARA)Algebraic Array Theories
Robust Scalable Systems Software Lab (RS3LAB)Detecting Metastability in Distributed Systems
Security & Privacy – S&P
Visual Computing – VC
Image and Visual Representation Laboratory (IVRL)Bringing Comics Into The Digital Age
Visual Intelligence and Learning Lab (VILAB)3D Common Corruptions and Data Augmentation
Visual Intelligence and Learning Lab (VILAB)MultiMAE: Multi-modal Multi-task Masked Autoencoders
Geometric Computing Lab (GCM)Presentation of the Geometric Computing Laboratory
Visual Intelligence and Learning Lab (VILAB)Robustness via Cross-Domain Ensembles

Research Area Roundtable Discussions

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