EDIC Open House

Anne-Marie Kermarrec gives a video introduction to the Scalable Computing Systems Lab. © 2020 EPFL

EDIC doctoral program open house goes virtual

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March 31 – April 1, 2020

All video recordings of the research talks are also available under the EDIC Open House playlist on the IC YouTube channel as well as via the PocketCampus app.

Research Talks

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One-on-one meetings

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  • Anytime Heuristic for Weighted Matching Through Altruism-Inspired Behavior Panayiotis Danassis; Boi Faltings; Aris Filos-Ratsikas  Poster file 4677 kB
  • Deep Bayesian Trust: A Dominant and Fair Incentive Mechanism for Crowd Naman Goel; Boi Faltings  Poster file 4181 kB
  • DeepWave: a Recurrent Neural Network for Real-Time Acoustic Imaging  Sepand Kashani; Matthieu Simeoni; Martin Vetterli; Paul Hurley  Poster file 12861 kB
  • Computational Design and Fabrication of Complex Assemblies  Ziqi Wang; Peng Song, Mark Pauly  Poster file 1159 kB
  • Differentiable Topology-Variant Surface Representations & Single View Reconstruction  Edoardo Remelli; Benoît Guillard  Poster file 1801 kB
  • Evaluating the search phase of neural architecture search  Kaicheng Yu; Mathieu Salzmann; Martin Jaggi; Christian Sciuto; Claudiu Musat  Poster file 2129 kB
  • Shape Reconstruction by Learning Differentiable Surface Representations Jan Bednařík; Shaifali Parashar; Mathieu Salzmann; Pascal Fua; Egun Gundogdu Poster file 7608 kB
  • Voxel2Mesh: 3D Mesh Model Generation from Volumetric Data   Pamuditha Udaranga Wickramasinghe; Edoardo Remelli; Graham Knott; Pascal Fua  Poster file 1541 kB
  • Secured routines: Language-based construction of trusted execution environments  Adrien Ghosn  Poster file 351kB
  • Walking the LÆDGE between Hedging and Load Balancing  Mia Primorac; Katerina Argyraki; Edouard Bugnion  Poster file 852 kB
  • BAE: Finding Data Points Just as Unique as Your Significant Other  Akhil Arora; Valentin Hartmann; Robert West; Martin Jaggi; Patrick Ebel   Poster file 1411 kB
  • Cleaning Denial Constraint Violations through Relaxation  Styliani Asimina Giannakopoulou; Manos Karpathiotakis; Anastasia Ailamaki   Poster file 546 kB
  • Fast Just-In-Time Engines Using CPU-GPU parallelism   Periklis Chrysogelos; Panagiotis Sioulas; Anastasia Ailamaki; Syed Mohammad Aunn Raza   Poster file 508 kB
  • GPU-accelerated data management under the test of time  Syed Mohammad Aunn Raza; Periklis Chrysogelos; Panagiotis Sioulas; Anastasia Ailamaki; Angelos Christos Anadiotis   Poster file 738 kB
  • Scalable Multi-query Execution using Real-time Reinforcement Learning   Panagiotis Sioulas; Anastasia Ailamaki  Poster file 203 kB
  • SmartDataLake   Bikash Chandra; Ioannis Mytilinis; Viktor Sanca; Srinivas Karthik Venkatesh; Anastasia Ailamaki Poster file 431 kB
  • CALYPSO: Verifiable Management of Private Data under Byzantine Failures  Enis Ceyhun Alp Poster file 984 kB
  • CHAINIAC: Proactive Software-Update Transparency via Collectively Signed Skipchains and Verified Builds Kirill Nikitin  Poster file 2832 kB
  • Locality-Preserving Blockchains Cristina Basescu; Bryan Ford; Cong Kelong  Poster file 1749 kB
  • Ephemeral Astroturfing Attacks on Twitter Trends  Tugrulcan Elmas; Rebekah Overdorf; Karl Aberer  Poster file 5963 kB
  • SciLens: Credibility Indicators for Fake Scientific News Panagiotis Smeros; Karl Aberer  Poster file 7535 kB
  • Kernel TOCTTOU Protection Uros Tesic; Mathias Payer  Poster file 481 kB
  • Magma: Ground-Truth Fuzzing Benchmark  Ahmad Hazimeh  Poster file 752 kB
  • MinFuzz: Program simplification to drive fuzzing effectiveness Nicolas Badoux; Mathias Payer; Čapkun Srđan  Poster file 754 kB
  • Smotherspectre: Exploiting port contention through speculative execution Atri Bhattacharyya  Poster file 722 kB
  • Exploring User Expectations of Naturalness in Emotional Conversations with Chatbots Ekaterina Svikhnushina; Pearl Pu  Poster file 6342 kB
  • Machine Reading Comprehension Based Approach to Consumer Health Question Answering  Kalpani Anuradha Welivita; Pearl Pu  Poster file 556 kB
  • Comics Retargeting  Ruofan Zhou; Deblina Bhattacharjee; Bahar Aydemir; Marjan Shahpaski  Poster file 1945 kB
  • Recent Research in IVRL: Image Restoration Ruofan Zhou; Marjan Shahpaski  Poster file 12151 kB
  • Improvements to Word Representations Aswin Suresh; Matthias Grossglauser  Poster File 625 kB
  • Learning Hawkes Processes from a handful of seeds William Trouleau; Patrick Thiran; Matthias Grossglauser; Farnood Salehi  Poster file 3978 kB
  • Learning to Search Efficiently Using Comparisons Daniyar Chumbalov  Poster file 2117 kB
  • Generalization Comparison of Deep Neural Networks via Output Sensitivity Mahsa Forouzesh; Farnood Salehi; Patrick Thiran   Poster file 1816 kB
  • Finding Patient Zero on a Line Gergely Odor; Patrick Thiran; Victor Lecomte  Poster file 1026 KB
  • On the Use of Flow Models to Approximate Non-Density Distributions Mladen Dimovski; Patrick Thiran  Poster file 791 kB
  • War of Words: The Competitive Dynamics of Legislative Processes  Victor Kristof; Patrick Thiran; Matthias Grossglauser  Poster file 1622 kB
  • Learning, Independence and Information Measures  Amedeo Esposito; Michael C. Gastpar; Ibrahim Issa  Poster file 1622 kB
  • PowerSGD: Practical low-rank gradient compression for distributed optimization  Thijs Vogels; Sai Praneeth Reddy Karimireddy; Martin Jaggi  Poster file 488 kB
  • Reconciling Anonymity with Internet Transparency Georgia Fragkouli; Katerina Argyraki; Bryan Ford  Poster file 488 kB
  • Network Performance Inference  Zeinab Shmeis; Katerina Argyraki  Poster file 310 kB
  • Analog Neural Networks with Deep-submicrometer Nonlinear Synapses Ahmet Caner Yüzügüler; Mario Paulo Drumond Lages De Oliveira; Firat Çelik; Babak Falsafi; Pascal Frossard  Poster file 834 kB
  • Are Cloud FPGAs Really Vulnerable to Power Analysis Attacks? Ognjen Glamocanin; Mirjana Stojilovic; Louis Coulon; Francesco Regazzoni   Poster file 1953 kB
  • Built-in Self-Evaluation of First-Order Power Side-Channel Leakage for FPGAs Ognjen Glamocanin; Mirjana Stojilovic; Louis Coulon; Francesco Regazzoni   Poster file 1442 kB
  • Distributed Logless Atomic Durability with Persistent Memory  Ahmet Caner Yüzügüler; Siddharth Gupta; Babak Falsafi; Alexandros Daglis   Poster file 2780 kB
  • Optimizing Server Memory Hierarchies for Latency-Critical RPCs  Mark Johnathon Sutherland; Ahmet Caner Yüzügüler; Babak Falsafi  Poster file 1734 kB
  • Optimus Prime: Accelerating Data Transformation in Servers Arash Pourhabibi Zarandi; Babak Falsafi; Siddharth Gupta; Mario Paulo Drumond Lages De Oliveira; Zilu Tian; Mark Johnathon Sutherland; Christoph Koch; Hussein KassirInstruments  Poster file 1734 kB
  • Timing Violation Induced Faults in Multi-Tenant FPGAs  Dina Gamaleldin Ahmed Shawky Mahmoud; Mirjana Stojilovic  Poster file 1050 kB
  • Mitsuba 2: A Retargetable Forward and Inverse Renderer  Merlin Nimier-David; Delio  Vicini; Tizian Zeltner; Wenzel Jakob  Poster file 16870 kB
  • Datashare: scaling decentralized privacy-preserving search Kasra Edalatnejadkhamene; Carmela Troncoso; Wouter Lueks; Laurent Girod; Ledésert Soline; Lhôte Anne; Thomas Bruno; Julien Martin   Poster file 407 kB
  • Disparate Vulnerability: On the Unfairness of Privacy Attacks against Machine Learning  Bogdan Kulynych; Carmela Troncoso; Giovanni Cherubin; Mohammad Yaghini  Poster file 681 kB
  • LoopTor: protecting Tor against partial adversaries Wouter Lueks; Carmela Troncoso; Feal Álvaro  Poster file 2212 kB
  • Fair Colorful k-Center Clustering  Xinrui Jia   Poster file 386 kB
  • Learning Augmented Energy Minimization via Speed Scaling  Etienne Bamas; Andreas Maggiori; Ola Svensson; Lars Rohwedder   Poster file 216 kB
  • Advanced Dataflow Programming using Actor Machines fo High-Level Synthesis  Seyedmahyar Emami; Endri Bezati; James Larus  Poster file 420 kB

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