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L-R Simla Burcu Harma, Lara Orlandic, Belén Yu Irureta-Goyena Chang © Alex Widerski / EPFL 2023

"Choosing the right area of research is vital"

— Three young and enthusiastic doctoral candidates, each working in a completely different domain and faculty, share their insights into life as a researcher at EPFL. Their sole connecting thread is that their labs are collaborating members of the EPFL EcoCloud Center.

Rishabh Iyer receiving his award © 2023 EPFL

IC's Rishabh Iyer wins the Dennis M. Ritchie Award for 2023

— EPFL PhD student Rishabh Iyer has been awarded the most prestigious thesis award in Computer Systems.

Oxana Shaya and Kailyn Villaincourt © 2023 EPFL

QSE Center chooses two INSPIRE Quantum Master awardees

— We are pleased to announce that two outstanding female students, Oxana Shaya and Kailyn Vaillancourt, have been chosen to INSPIRE Quantum Master’s awards for their upcoming master’s studies at EPFL in the research areas represented at the QSE Center. They will be joining the laboratories of Prof. Zoe Holmes and Prof. Cristina Benea-Chelmus respectively, and will receive up to 10,000 CHF each to help with their studies and expenses. 

Abstract background of wires and glowing particles © iStock 2023

A game changer for building robust distributed systems

— EPFL researchers have developed a new distributed algorithm that, for the first time, solves one of the key performance and reliability problems affecting most of the currently-deployed consensus protocols.

Neural network for artificial intelligence © iStock / EPFL 2023

IC researchers recognized with ICML Outstanding Paper Award

— The paper Generalization on the Unseen, Logic Reasoning and Degree Curriculum tackles the problem of better understanding the reasoning capabilities of neural networks like Transformers, and how such models can be improved to afford better “extrapolation” properties.

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