EDIC Patrick Denantes Memorial Prize

Stefan Nikolić awarded with the 2023 Patrick Denantes Memorial Prize

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This prize was created in 2010 to honor the memory of Patrick Denantes, a doctoral student in Communication Systems at EPFL, who tragically died in a climbing accident on July 12, 2009.

The Patrick Denantes Memorial Prize is attributed once a year to the author of an outstanding doctoral thesis from the School of Computer and Communication Sciences.

The prize is awarded by a jury and presented to the laureate at the School’s end-of-year event. Financial sponsorship is provided by the Denantes family and the Nokia Research Center.

>> Application Procedure & Bylaws [pdf]


Year Laureate Thesis Title Thesis Director(s)
2023 Stefan Nikolić Automating the Design of Programmable Interconnect for Reconfigurable Architecture Paolo Ienne
2022 Sai Praneeth Karimireddy Optimization methods for collaborative learning Martin Jaggi
2021 Lana Josipović High-Level Synthesis of Dynamically Scheduled Circuits Paolo Ienne
2020 Cong Wang Inverse Problems and Optimal Power Flow in Active Distribution Networks Jean-Yves Le Boudec
2019 Mina Konaković-Luković Computational Design of Auxetic Shells Mark Pauly
2018 Ashkan Norouzi Fard Algorithms for Clustering Problems Theoretical Guarantees and Empirical Evaluations Ola Svensson
2017 Marco Mondelli From Polar to Reed-Muller Codes: Unified Scaling, Non-standard Channels, and a Proven Conjecture Rüdiger Urbanke
2016 Baris Kasikci Techniques for Detection, Root Cause Diagnosis, and Classification of In-Production Concurrency Bugs George Candea
2015 Ivan Dokmanic Listening to Distances and Hearing Shapes: Inverse Problems in Room Acoustics and Beyond Martin Vetterli
2015 Honour. Mention Sofien Bouaziz Realtime Face Tracking and Animation Mark Pauly
2014 Juri Ranieri Sensing the Real World: Inverse Problems, Sparsity and Sensor Placement Martin Vetterli; Amina Chebira
2013 Amin Karbasi Graph-Based Information Processing: Scaling Laws and Applications Rüdiger UrbankeMartin Vetterli
2012 Ruzika Piskac Decision Procedures for Program Synthesis and Verification Viktor Kuncak
2011 Ajay K. Verma Pre-Synthesis Optimization of Arithmetic Circuits Paolo Ienne
2010 Mahdi Cheraghchi Applications of Derandomization Theory in Coding Amin Shokrollahi