EDIC Course information

Course enrollment and registration – fall 2020

Starting September 9, 2020, you must use Moodle to enroll for the courses you would like to take this fall semester. This is where your teachers will post all the information you will need for your courses (e.g., where to find pre-recorded lectures, view streamed classes, what class activities you have to complete, etc.).

To enroll in a course in Moodle: Click on the name of the course and then “self-enrollment” (HIVER 2020-2021). You will then be able to view all the information you will need for the course.

You must subsequently confirm your choice of courses by registering in IS-Academia between September 14 and September 23, 2020. After September 23, 2020, you will be removed from the Moodle list for any courses that you have not registered for in IS-Academia.

In addition, first-year students (enrolled in September 2020) are requested to register for courses and projects by completing and returning the Fall Courses & Projects registration form to EDIC by September 23, 2020.

Registration is only possible for the forthcoming academic year. If you choose a course given in 2021-2022, please wait until September 2021 to sign up for it.

If you want to register as an auditor only, please contact [email protected].

Withdrawal from a course

Here are the deadlines to withdraw from a course; possible via your secure access to IS-Academia:

–  November 30, 2020 (fall semester)
–  May 5, 2021 (spring semester)

Please note that withdrawal after the above deadlines will not be taken into consideration and a failure will be notified on your statement of grades.