EDIC Course information

Course registration 

Please register via your IS-Academia portal. If you need assistance, please take a look at this link (login required) or contact [email protected]

Please register also to the Moodle platform or ask the instructor to add you. This is where your teachers will post all information you need for the start of your course (e.g., where to find pre-recorded lectures, view streamed classes, what class activities you have to complete, etc.). If you cannot find the course on Moodle, contact the teacher(s) directly as they might be using another platform.

First-year students enrolled in September 2023 are requested to register for courses and projects by completing and returning the Courses & Projects Registration form to EDIC by  September 25th, 2023.  

Registration is only possible for the forthcoming academic year.

If you want to register as an auditor only, please contact [email protected].

Withdrawal from a course

Here are the deadlines to withdraw from a course:

–  November 24, 2023 (fall semester)
–  May 3rd, 2024 (spring semester)

Please note that withdrawal after the above deadlines will not be taken into consideration and a failure will be notified on your statement of grades.