EDOC About PhD courses

Registering / Withdrawing
Master courses Registration opening Courses start Friday of the 2nd week Friday of 10th week Exam session Grade
PhD Student enrolled within the deadline
=> A Fr. 50.- tax will be charged (to be paid at the Student Services Desk)
PhD Student not yet enrolled within the deadline
=> Request for tax exemption (via Doctoral programme administration)
Doctoral courses Registration opening Courses start Exam session Grade
ECTS Requirements per program
  • According to Art. 4 of the Directive concerning doctoral studies, the study rules and regulations require a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 30 credits. In order to attend and successfully complete a doctoral study program, candidates must acquire the number of credits required by the rules and regulations of their doctoral program.

Doctoral Program Directors’ Meeting: Nr 107, May 28th 2015

  • 4 credits – but not those required for the first year – out of the total required amount (12 or 30) can be chosen by the doctoral candidate without the approval of neither the program committee nor the thesis supervisor.
  • These 4 credits – free of approval – can be chosen from all EPFL doctoral program’s course lists as well as from the courses for transferable skills, open to all doctoral programs.
  • Each course will offer an exam, which, once passed, leads to official recognition that you have taken the course and acquired the knowledge that it aims to transmit. Passing this exam is of course a prerequisite for acquisition of the course credits for EPFL doctoral candidates.
  • These exams are governed by the same rules as for all other exams at EPFL, except that there is no published grade: a pass/fail decision is all that will be transmitted to the Registrar’s Office (Service académique).
The instructor
determines the kind of assessment :
– oral or written examination
– report and presentation
– etc.
D. Art.5, al. 1
informs students at the beginning of the course of the type of examination to expect.
is submitted either for the following evaluations:
– R for pass
– E for fail
– M for previously notified absence
– NA for absence without notification
D. Art.5, al. 2 Ordonnance sur le contrôle des études
or for marks.
takes place within the four weeks which follow the end of the course. D. Art.5, al. 3
In case of failure, the candidate is granted a second and final chance to sit the examination according to the conditions stipulated in his/her case.
The instructor informs the program administrative assistant of the evaluations at the latest one week after the examination.
The program administrative assistant gives the results to the Registrar’s Office who validates the credits.
The auditor: A doctoral student may follow a course without being submitted to assessment. In this case, the doctoral student must register before the beginning of the course as an auditor. The evaluation L will be marked against the candidate’s name as from the beginning of the course and no credits will be attributed.