EDAR Doctoral Candidates Representatives


Doctoral candidates representatives

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The school’s doctoral students representatives are expected to fulfil two principal roles.

First, Representatives are obliged to perform a representational role, serving as the liaison between the doctoral students and various consultation groups, decision committees, and governing agents of the SAR, EDAR, and EPFL. Strictly speaking, this means, on the one hand, participating in the meetings with the Architecture Section’s Education Commission (CESAR), the EDAR Doctoral Program Committee, the EPFL Doctoral Commission (Cdoct), the EPFL Presidency, and any other informal and/or temporary workgroups assembled. On the other hand, the debates and decisions that occur at the highest level must then be shared and discussed with those for whom the doctoral candidates representatives speak for, thus ensuring a faithful defense of the doctoral student’s interests.

Second, Representatives are expected to perform a proactive role, which means fulfilling, improving, and creating various initiatives that enable academic and social exchange within and beyond the school. These ought to improve the doctoral student’s academic performance and life quality at the EPFL, as well as promote their competences and multiply future career opportunities. As a consequence, the EDAR’s quality and reputation are also reinforced, not just as a collection of doctoral students but, complying with what is enshrined in its name, as a school.