EDAR Course information

Required credits in EDAR doctoral program

The PhD Students of the program “Architecture and the Sciences of the City” have to earn 14 credits during the four years of their studies, as follows:

– You must obtain 4 credits during the first year. This condition is mandatory to pass the exam of the Research plan. See the section “1st year PhD candidates, the year of the Research Plan” to learn about the required courses for new PhD Students.
– You must complete 14 credits by the end of your doctoral program and before the oral exam.
– The credits can only be obtained by following courses and their assesment.
– External credits: according to the agreements of Bologna, the participation in researches as workshops, colloquiums, congresses, etc. cannot be the object of credit. Thanks in advance to take into account that only courses which are evaluated can be the object of credit.

Obtaining and validating credits

For the courses taken outside of EPFL, we remind you that it is necessary to complete at least 28 hours of course work to validate 1 credit.

Program Teachings

The EDAR doctoral program proposes compulsory courses (for 1st year PhD Students) and optional courses (courses, doctoral weeks or seminars).

PhD Students in the EDAR doctoral program are also encouraged to participate in external doctoral courses according to the specific interest of their thesis work.

Summer Schools 2021

RE:GENERATE alpine-urban circularity, in collaboration with ETHZ (from 5th to 12th June 2021) – All information : here

Transects Through Alpine Water Landscapes, in collaboration with ETHZ (from 16th to 21st August 2021) – All information : here

Course registration

Course registration is done online on the page “Inscription aux plans” from IS-Academia (login and password GASPAR). The registration has to be done before the beginning of the course in order to have the credits validated.

Registration form to an internal course
One form per course please!

Registration form to an external course
One form per course please!

Please take note that you need to print all details in relation to the external course (number of hours, dates, location) and give them to Sandra Bottà.

The EDAR program director decides if there are credits or not.

Auditors for doctoral courses

1st year PhD Students, the year of the Research Plan

Compulsory courses for the year 2021-2022 :

  • Fall Semester : Introduction à la recherche 1 – Epistemology and construction of a research object (2 credits)
  • Spring Semester : Introduction à la recherche 2 – Méthodes et administration de la preuve (2 credits)

All courses presented at the EPFL  : https://www.epfl.ch/campus/services/ressources/is-academia/