EDEY PhD Student Representatives

About us

The EDEY Doctoral School has two PhD Student Representatives. Our mandate can last until the earlier of 2 years or the date of graduation.

We all have your best interests in mind: our goal is to represent all EDEY PhD students at best, keep you informed of the decisions that concern you. We also want you to contact us if you have any question. If we can’t answer, we’ll redirect you to the right contact person. Feel free to send us an email.

General introduction

The present page’s objectives are:

  • to present and summarize the recent development at the EDEY committee
  • to update the EDEY PhD students on the upcoming events

Their tasks are the following:

  • Participation in the meetings of the doctoral program committee. This committee is composed of the program director, several EPFL professors and the PhD students representatives. The committee agrees on the study plan, program regulation etc.
  • Participation in the doctoral commission meetings. At a higher level, six PhD student representatives are present at these meetings occurring every two months. The Associate Vice-President for Postgraduate Education and the 22 doctoral program directors attend to the event.
  • Participation in the meetings with the Associate Vice-President for Postgraduate Education. These events take place twice a year with all PhD Students Representatives. Various topics are discussed in a decontracted atmosphere.
  • Liaison person. Present the requests of students to the commissions and summarize the meaningful commission output to the students.
  • Organization of events having a social and scientific value, together with the others PhD students. It means that your private party can be labeled “EDEY”  if you find a good excuse!
  • Suggestion of course, together with the other PhD students. It may include the 4-ECTS Zermatt-hosted winter school you always dreamed of.